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  1. Hello everyone, Before I continue, thanks to review on this. I have imported a full romset for mame. At the initial import, most of the games were not added with the images because of my low internet connection. After this initial import, I have tryied again and in this second try, 90% of the games were added with the media files. (images, videos, etc). My problem is: When I try to change all games (+3,000) to the group image to "3D boxes" launchbox change it only for some images instead of all: image1 but the images that are not showing the "3D boxes" exists: image2 How can I change the image style for all 3,000 games instead one by one?
  2. Thanks for your theme @Grila What option Should I select to have similar icons like your images? I don't see the option in image group menu...
  3. I don't know how to check that in launchbox/bigbox configuration, but my screen resolution is 1360*768 EDIT1: I have tried modifying multiple configurations from launchbox/bigbox but still some weird screens are not configured, pfa
  4. Thanks @neil9000 and @Mr. RetroLust for your help with this. At the moment, i don't modify anything from resolution settings, before I had another theme: unified running with no issues. Also, I have applied your theme to launchbox, but seems that the font and "top" bar is different than yours..
  5. @Mr. RetroLust Thanks for both themes, they are amazing!! I'm facing an issue with bigbox, it seems that the video and images looks big and some of the right screen is bloqued due this... any idea?? Thanks again for your effort on this!
  6. looks great, thanks for your effort creating this.
  7. John Croft thanks my friend I perform the tests and reported the results :)
  8. Nice work @John Croft!! One question.. how i can with xpadder or JoyToKey with the emulators change of perfil? and how I can assign the profile to emulator? Greeting's!
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