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  1. Hello everyone, Before I continue, thanks to review on this. I have imported a full romset for mame. At the initial import, most of the games were not added with the images because of my low internet connection. After this initial import, I have tryied again and in this second try, 90% of the games were added with the media files. (images, videos, etc). My problem is: When I try to change all games (+3,000) to the group image to "3D boxes" launchbox change it only for some images instead of all: image1 but the images that are not showing the "3D boxes" exists: image2 How can I change the image style for all 3,000 games instead one by one?
  2. Thanks for your theme @Grila What option Should I select to have similar icons like your images? I don't see the option in image group menu...
  3. looks great, thanks for your effort creating this.
  4. John Croft thanks my friend I perform the tests and reported the results :)
  5. Nice work @John Croft!! One question.. how i can with xpadder or JoyToKey with the emulators change of perfil? and how I can assign the profile to emulator? Greeting's!
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