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  1. Thank you, but downloading roughly 1,500 covers one by one is beyond tedious. Do you know if they're available as a single download somewhere? Thanks again.
  2. I'll apologize up-front... I really don't like begging for stuff, but I'm having zero luck with this. Also, if this isn't allowed here, feel free to nuke it and I'll keep looking on my own. I found a set of roughly 300 or so custom DVD-style front covers for PS1, but obviously that's far short of the complete PS1 library. I see the rest on sites like this one ($8/case? Really? I digress...), so I know the full set exists... but I can't find the darn thing anywhere. Anybody have it, or a link to it? That'd be swell. Thanks!
    Awesome set! Looking forward to helping complete it!
  3. Awesome set! I'd love to help fill in the missing covers - any chance you can update this set with the template you used?
  4. Hey thanks for this Robin55! Any chance of adding the missing titles, or including your templates so we can add our own? Thanks again!
  5. Thanks, C-Beats. I didn't even realize the update had changed the background settings. I'm back to basic black myself now. Appreciate it!
  6. Sorry to bump, but I think this got lost in the posts that came right after. Any help is appreciated on this. Thank you!
  7. Is there a full setup guide for this anywhere? I've followed the text in LB and on hi2txt and I'm getting nothing no matter what I do. I feel like I must be missing an essential step somewhere.
  8. For those having issues with non-standard MAME. What I do is use the MAME I prefer to do my configuration and whatever else I want, but I have LaunchBox pointed at a standard version of MAME in the same folder. Both use the same folders. I haven't encountered any issues yet. Just an idea for those who want to have their cake and eat it too. :-)
  9. I'd like the link as well, if you'd be so kind. Thanks in advance!
  10. Just totaled up my collection, out of curiosity induced by this thread. It's not the biggest posted here, but I think 238,277 is pretty solid! I have room to make it quite a bit bigger, but I'm really not interested in the systems I don't already have. ?
  11. Just spot-checked these, and for the most part, they're either for other computers, or watermarked "Atarimania". Better than nothing, I suppose. ?
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