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  1. Hi! Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been a bit busy with other things, and also had some trouble implementing certain features i wanted. It's not abandoned, and i plan on finishing it in some form.
  2. Oh, i used HTML-style color code, didn't know you could add alpha transparency by adding 2 digits. Learn something every day i guess Thanks again!
  3. @Grila Thanks. I'll do some tests and see how it works. I've looked into doing this 2 ways. Using code (like Border), and using bitmap graphics. Each have their own advantages and disadvantages i guess. Do you know if it is possible to set the Opacity for the Border fill/area separate from the outline? I was thinking about having a solid color outline with a semitransparent fill/area. One way is to draw the box twice. Once with a semitransparent color (Background=#7b7b7b", Opacity="0.5"), and then again with a solid outline and transparent area (Background="Transparent", BorderBrush="#ffffff"), but it will be 2 boxes. Not sure if it will have much impact on the performance as it's only does this once when opening the view, but it would be less messy code doing it in one line.
  4. I've been looking into using Border to draw boxes. When using BorderThickness it seems like the values are in points/pixels, and without a resolution to "anchor" these to a 4 pixel Border will be 4 pixels on 1080p, 1440p, 2160p displays, thus giving you a much thinner line on a 2160p display compared to a 1080p display. Are there any ways to get the same relative size. ie. the 4 pixel border would be 8 pixels on a 2160p display? From what i understand, the d:DesignHeight/DesignWidth is only for the designer, VisualStudio, and not affecting the runtime. I assume this behaviour is the same for many functions in XAML.
  5. Cool! Will check it out when i get home from work. Hopefully i can pick up a few ideas (layout and code) from this one.
  6. @eatkinola Thanks! I didn't find bindings for platform total number of games or number of completed games. I would like some platform stats in there somehow, but i don't know yet how i'm gonna fit it
  7. Did a rough recoloring just for fun to see how a darker, higher contrast palette would look. This won't be in the theme :D.
  8. Changing the font would probably not be hard to do. As i was planning on using a lot of bitmap graphics for the theme, including the borders, changing colors would require editing the graphic files. The theme is called RED 84 for a reason ;). Will look into it when i've made the first version.
  9. Thanks for the nice comments guys! I'm glad you like it. Motivated me to speed up my work on this. @Kevin_Flynn I'm still working on it, slowly :). Thanks for you build. I tested it and i see what you mean about navigation problems when having recent/favorites. The navigation works as intended (by the dev) i guess. If you rotate the keyboard (or monitor) 90 degrees the controls makes sense. Would be nice if we could define control for vertical or horizontal alignment so that it would work better in combination with different wheel types. @Arcanthur I'm focusing on getting 1 view per level in 4k res done first. If there are ways to code it resolution independent that would be the best solution. Not having to maintain several builds. After that i'll look into adding more views if there's interest for it. It might be a bit tiny (certain text elements and logos) for low resolution crt screens. There are a few issues i'll have to resolve: - The fonts i'm using are commercial, so i'll have to find a way around that. - I have to redesign parts to adjust to what's currently possible and what's not in theme creation. If anyone have experience with BigBox theme creation or XAML in general it would be very helpful. Such as how to make resolution independent code.
  10. Hey guys! I got the idea to make this theme last summer/autumn after following the ReignStumble Console artwork project. I wanted to create a theme that would work aesthetically with this artwork. It was originally intended for personal use, but if it could be of use to anyone i wouldn't mind contributing to the LaunchBox community. After all, i've picked up coding ideas from looking at other peoples contributions. Even though i did most of the design last year, due to a shortage of sparetime i've yet to start programming, so the shots here are not rendered in BigBox. There will be some changes depending on how well it works implementing the different elements. There's a few things i'm not sure is currently possible (such as SelectedPlatform.Completed). I'm only planning on having 1 view per level, and it will be built for 4K (or rather, UHD, 3840x2160). Regards,
  11. Hi guys! I'm working on a theme and got into a few problems so i thought i'd just post my question here: In my platforms view i wanted to use specific platform details, while not using the complete platform details block. In the Documentation.pdf in the Themes directory i found out you could use data binding properties for specific data, like SelectedPlatform.Cpu for that specific data string. The ones i'm looking for are (platform bindings): Total Games Games Completed Default Emulator Most Played These are listed under Options > Platform Details, but not in the Documentation.pdf. Does this mean they are not accessible as separate databindings, or just left out of the documentation? This impedes the progress, and i would really not like to go back to the drawingboard to revise the whole theme Thanks in advance.
  12. Nicely done theme, Grila. I'm browsing through the code right now to see if there's anything i can steal :D. I really liked the way you used opacity-masks for wheel and video. Just as a test i modified the masks with opacity gradients to see what could be done with the function. This opens up so many posibilities.
  13. Old-timer C64, Amiga, demoscene dude here. I've played around with C64 emulation since early 90's, but haven't really put much work into making a collection of old favourites till now. Most dumps in GameBase and TOSEC are cracked. I think some of the earlier formats didn't support copy-protection, which is why we don't see many original (untouched) dumps. As much as i love some of the old cracktros, i usually prefer original dumps as it was common for crackers to remove parts of a game for different reasons. Though this is more common on Amiga games though. Differences could also be seen in disk and tape releases. Like the tape release of Last Ninja lacking the initial loading tune. My setup now is primarily meant for BigBox use (who can resist playing the old games on the couch?), so i'm interested in finding the C64 emulator which works best for this use. The only emulator i've gotten to work properly with my joysticks and pads is the SDL WinVICE, which has full support and customization for controllers. SDL has some issues though, like latency, which sorta kills it for me. Guess this post didn't add much to this thread, but i just wanted to join in and maybe contribute something later on.
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