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  1. RocketLauncher : http://www.rlauncher.com/wiki/index.php?title=Adding_Bezel_Support Basically it just launches the emulator in a windowed mode and applies a PNG to the entire screen allowing the windowed area to show through thus creating a similar effect to MAME or Retroarch. Kinda hacky, but it works for other emulators.
  2. @Mr. RetroLust - Those worked perfectly for me, thanks so much! If and whenever you do get around to creating more platform bezels for Retroarch/MAME I suggest starting with a few more generic ones for monitors. I'm using these as a stopgap until there is something a bit cleaner and "Lights Off" https://forums.libretro.com/t/classic-crt-collection-overlay-pack-work-in-progress/19322
  3. Is there a plugin or anything available that can display a splash screen letting you know the game you chose to run is either broken or unemulated? I love having all the artwork displayed, even if some games are not playable. However trying to load a game and having it either crash or dump you back to Big Box isn't very elegant.
  4. I made a few tweaks to this theme to work a bit better for my particular setup: I adjusted the game video area to reduce cropping. This bothered me more than the perfectly filled space, so its a trade off. I added a solid color aperture grille which was the same color as the dark theme background. I may replace this and play with different scanline/grile sizes. This allows for it to blend in with the background and adjust to any size video. There may be a better way to do this, but this was simple to do and I have little to no XAML knowledge. This has 2 benefits in my opinion: 1) Make low res videos look better, and 2) Reduces the brightness at night since I use a 55 inch TV. I don't mean to tarnish the artistic integrity, but I thought I would share. This is hands down my favorite theme, and the way Viking so cleanly formatted the views, this was a relatively simple change.
  5. Is there a fairly easy way to tweak the theme a bit to add scanlines to the game video area? The theme itself looks fantastic, but some of the lower res game videos blown up to near full screen look pretty bad. Some simple scanlines would really help.
  6. @Mr. RetroLust - Just these 3 would be great since they are generic and can be used for Software List systems from different time periods: Bezel_70s_Large_Night_Mr_RetroLust Bezel_80s_Mr_RetroLust Bezel_90s_Mr_RetroLust And if you are feeling motivated a RetroArch / MAME generic version for a new "Bezel_00s" would be great as well
  7. These look great! I tried searching but I couldn't find a clear logo for Sega CD 32X. Would it be too much trouble to create one or point me in the direction or where an existing one is?
  8. Is it possible to convert your "generic tv" bezels in the retroarch set to MAME format? I would love something like that for the obscure consoles that play best in MAME. Awesome work as always!
  9. Aside from a few obscure systems that only MAME emulates there are better emulator options. This means fewer people need the feature if they only care about the popular systems. That leads to fewer votes. Either way, I'm just glad the plugin exists. Frankly I'd be more inclined to vote for other features simply because there's already a solution to this problem... with the plugin hah!
  10. AWESOME! That enhancement just made this tool an absolute must-have for anyone trying to work with software lists. Well... I guess it was already but now its even better
  11. I'm glad eatkinola's enhancements helped more than just me! With the DLL update this theme is better than ever.
  12. @eatkinola - THANK YOU!!! That modified dll did the trick. The switching lag is completely gone. It works just as smooth as @viking's vanilla view or when I break the paths to game videos. I understand why the original dll would cause some slowness due to the looping through videos... but BigBox supports that natively without any issue using the "Use random game video for missing platform videos" setting. I guess maybe this dll was doing something a bit different or more intensive or checking if the video paths were valid or something. Either way, thank you so much for the quick dll update to test with. Do you plan on making an official version with a change? Or maybe a different method that is less intensive for non-image / non-video snooping?
  13. Just a suggestion, but it would be pretty awesome if these bezels used the same TVs as @viking's Colorful platform videos. His theme + These bezels would make the ultimate realistic setup with consistency from theme to gameplay
  14. @viking - This theme. And I'll try your new platform view here shortly and post an update. EDIT: Yes the platform switching is laggy with the new platform view. Another interesting thing is that Attract Mode is also completely smooth when it does its platform switching.
  15. @wallmachine - Viking brings up a good point. I didn't realize you didnt use platform videos. Try using dedicated platform videos too and see if that makes things better. When you don't have dedicated platform videos it uses a random game video - seeking for a random video could be causing performance issues for you. @viking - I agree! I have NO idea why the Colorful Games view is butter smooth. Maybe theres something else going on with Nostalgia theme in the Games view that is causing the slowness. I have not tried BigCouch. I noticed with Nostalgia the games switching is significantly slower than other themes even with no games videos. Perhaps it's also checking rompaths (which for me are also on a network share)? or perhaps the icon display on the side is causing slowness? not sure.
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