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  1. sure will do - just finished the kids, having a bite to eat, will pop on it shortly. I get the feeling, and worry that this read only windows problem may be a red herring because as you said, theres no way a read only system wouldve let me change a file. I wonder if this Windows 10 problem may make files LOOK as though they are read only yet perhaps they arent. 

    What i did last year was make my default.cfg file within mame read only as windows was changing the id of my xbox pads. I dont think i read-only'd my retroarch config folder.... i may have done but dont think i did.

  2. unchecked read only - it did its thing.. Tried and it wouldnt work. I checked to see if the config folder was now not read only and it still was read only. In fact my entire system is read only, every single folder on the c : drive?!... Looks like i have a bigger windows 10 problem here. Damn it

  3. I will do that in a sec, just having a bite to eat.

    I think last year i thought i was being clever making it read only so no one, even if they accidently got into the RA menu they couldnt mess it up. Funny if thats what happened and its caused all this! :)

    So, to make things clear, when i change something in retro arch i always "save config" - thats the way to apply and save settings before exiting? (When save on exit if set to OFF)

  4. Just checked and it was OFF.. funnily i tried to change it to ON but i dont know how to apply that setting. Whenever i went back in it stayed OFF. Found it in the RA.CFG forced it to ON, tried to change from IPAC > XBOX user 2... Restarted and it was back to Ipac again for Player 2.

    Looking through this vast RA.cfg file surely its in there somewhere as that is the only place i can get things to stick

  5. Hi All - I am a little up against it to fix this problem so wondering if anyone would be so kind to have a look.

    On N64, with 2 xbox pads plugged in, Player 1 pad works fine... Player 2 for some reason is controlled by my arcade control panels player 2 side.

    I start a game, open up retro arch, go into the main settings > Input > and down to User 2 Binds. Within here the problem is as shown in my attached pics, set to Ipac. I change this to say "Xbox ONE controller (User 2)" then resume the game and pad 2 works perfect.

    Problem is when i quit and go back in, its back to the ipac being player 2 again so i need to repeat above each time. This happens on both N64 and Playstation 1, exact same thing.

    I noticed that if i go into Quick Manu > Controller  - All User 1 is set to Xbox ONE controller user 1 - however if i scroll down the list of inputs and get to User 2 it shows Ipac.. I cannot change this. hope my pics make sense.

    As mentioned if anyone has any help fairly quickly that would be much appreciated as i have until tuesday evening to fix this :(. I'll paypal someone a beer if they can help!!



    These 3 pics shows me going into INPUT > and changing user 2 binds from IPAC to XBOX pad user 2


    These 2 pics show when i am in the quick menu > Controls > Scroll down to where User 1 ends and User 2 begins - Note it goes from Xbox controller, to Ipac!


    Thanks again

  6. AHHH so it is in the Default.cfg file!.. Brilliant i will get this done, thats wonderful you have been a real help.

    It reminds me however, on a similar vein.. .Can i ask your thoughts on this

    I have always read-only'd the Default.cfg. Mainly because since using pad 1 and pad 2 as player 3 and 4 on Mame games mame / windows would scramble the IDs all the time.. This seemed to work for a while. but the other day, it all messed up even though it was Read only. I am confident i never randomly gave it write privilages. I did notice that it was after a Windows update. So perhaps windows itself changed xinput to be seen as Joycode 3 instead of it being joycode1. I dont know.. it was all a little strange...  im rambling, but what i did was make a CTRLR file and make the Sinden guns stable plus the Pad device IDs stable so now it should never happen again.

    Do you know the hierarchy mame takes when loading a game? for instance, i assume it looks for a Games.cfg file first - implements that - THEN applies the Default.cfg THEN applies any CTRLR configs?.. Just wondering what over rides what when a game is loaded. Because if some games have a separate CFG and the cross hair is in that then the Default.cfg would make no difference...... right?

  7. Thank you Joe that was very helpful. I am suprised this hasnt come up more often with the Aimtrack guns, and sure it will more so with the advent of Sinden. Perhaps people are ok with the mame crosshairs overlaid... OR.. they just do it game by game and dont moan like a little girl about it :)

  8. hi Dos - i thought it was also but no unfortunately. 

    Sounds interesting about the lightgun.ini.. how would i point only the lightgun games to use this ini?... If it is an .ini then surely couldnt i just change the setting in the Mame.ini, OR is that not possible?

  9. hi guys - i have 2 machines.. 1 with Sindens, the other just sticks... Same build on both however i want to hide the cross hair on the sinden cabinet (i keep it showing for obvious reasons on the stick cabinet so at least they are playable-ish using joysticks and moving the cross hair around).

    I dont want to go through every single mame gun game and turn off the cross hair so was wondering if the setting resides somewhere in the mame.ini or a CFG file?. I had a look and couldnt see it.


  10. Hi guys - Booted up the arcade machine for  the kids earlier and it loads windows of course, starts to load bigbox automatically yet JUST before the bigbox startup video starts up this error flashes up with the typical windows Error chime noise > Screen goes black for a second as normal and the startup video launches. Can see and hear it fine. Once it ends bigbox just doesnt display, no sound, nothing, the screen stays black as if its switched off.

    Any ideas??



    Launchbox error.jpg

  11. Yes thats right, its all set up now and working well enough to change.

    So, i have just uncovered another game that is effected (ice cold beer which is within my Windows collection and not TTX)  and also a fix for the problem!!!.

    - the Fix :... If i have played a mame game it isnt possible to play any TTX or Ice cold beer unless i restart the machine. However if i start and end any SNES game i am then free to play any TTX and ICB once again as normal... I assume any other emulator other than MAME probably free's it up too. Very strange.

    If there isnt a fix for this is there anyway i can add some kind of script for TTX and ICB that it forces the game into focus in case a mame game was played previously?


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