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  1. Absolutely... But surely for that reason alone it can put timings out if youve been used to PAL sft against ntsc sft. Most will be used to PAL systems too, only a very small percentage of die hards had converters with 2 cartridges instered. So, for the UK crowd PAL is perfect

  2. Hi guys

    Can anyone advise if this seems kinda close/correct/way off please?. I am based in the uk so idea want PAL / euro however for region free such as master system then anything goes.

    Snes 544 PAL
    Megadrive 900
    Arcade 2684
    Nes 351 PAL
    Gameboy 953 PAL
    Gameboy colour 660
    Gameboy advance 921
    Gamecube 453
    Nin DS 2139 PAL
    N64 248
    Master system 360 (region free)
    Game gear 300
    Neo geo aes 148
    Neo geo cd 97
    Atari 2600 ???
    32x ???
    Saturn ???
    Ps1 ???
    Ps2 ???
    3do ???

    Any thoughts on the above much appreciated thank you

  3. Ah ok. Well it would save 1 button, the need to cut a hole in the control panel and poly plus wiring. However a dedicated back/exit button is better i think. 

    So i use an ipac which is a keyboard translator device. Whats the difference between an ipac and joy2key?  Not familer with it

  4. Is it possible in big box to say Tap the 1p button to "enter / start game" etc. But instead of having a dedicated "exit/back" button hold down the 1p button for a second or so and it sends the "exit/back" command? . Would really help clean up arcade cabs losing a button

  5. Ive read this, it doesnt explain where or how to tell each of the content directories (megadrive,gamegear,master system) to simply look at either of the 3 systems bezels folder and match the bezel to the rom name when loading. All i can do is load a game>go into overlays and pick ONE SPECIFIC GAME Its crazy, when you save that as a content directory it of course uses that one game bezel for ALL bezels! Which is ridiculous, I find it amazing only you have even tried to help spread over this and another thread. No one obviously knows.

    Simply, when megadrive loads a game i want the system to look in my bezels\megadrive folder and pick the bezel that matches the rom. Some kind of path structure, easy!..Just like the way the bezel project is meant to work. Cant see anywhere in any of the cfg files (both ra.cfg and the core_name/configs/contentdirector.cfgs)

    Perhaps ill just reinstall the bezel project pack and hope it rewrites everything correctly again

  6. Hi guys. How do i get my genesis plus gx core to point to all my individual bezels like it once did?

    So megadrive/master system/game gear to each of their respective bezel folders then it chooses the bezel according to the rom loaded... Like it did up until recently when i must have messed something up!! Why is there no way to simply set a path and tell retroarch to use that damn folder to pluck its overlay bezel from! Instead your only option in overlays is a specific game bezel.

    Anyway here is a video to explain clearer... Really dont wanna go through almost 1000 games and set the overlay bezel for each one!. Thank you


  7. one other thing Dragon to add to the mix..... Because this Sega core controls my Master system, and Game gear systems as well as Megadrive I am getting some mixed over bezels too... For instance, i just loaded Chuck rock on the megadrive, yet got the Chuck rock Master system bezel (Andre aggassi tennis did the same thing so there will be alot more).

    I have a Gamebezels / Megadrive folder, and a Gamebezels / master system folder.... Each bezel is different... I just want to know how i point my Megadrive Core to only read whats in the Megadrive bezels folder.. that would fix it all.. So frustrating :(

    I would usually use, say, the chuck rock bezel however it says "Master system" on it so its not right when playing on a Megadrive.

  8. - Ok so i set "Save on exit" to false, and then went into overrides and "saved the core". - So that is done.

    - Regarding the Retroarch.CFG, this is what i have in the input_overlay section - What is "Master of weapon"?, in terms of why is it there? I am not seeing  that game bezel at all repeatidly.. Also note that there is NO Streets of rage2 bezel noted?!

    input_overlay = ":\overlays/GameBezels/Megadrive/Master of Weapon (Japan).cfg"
    input_overlay_enable = "true"
    input_overlay_enable_autopreferred = "true"
    input_overlay_hide_in_menu = "true"
    input_overlay_next = "nul"
    input_overlay_next_axis = "nul"
    input_overlay_next_btn = "nul"
    input_overlay_next_mbtn = "nul"
    input_overlay_opacity = "1.000000"
    input_overlay_scale = "1.050000"

  9. Hey thanks Damageinc - yes its retroarch, sounds like a nightmare you had... Wow i really hope there is a way to solve this seemingly simple problem. All i need to do is to wipe clear it thinking to use Streets of Rage 2 as the overlay for every rom... There has to be a config file or Path structure somewhere.. :(:(

    really hoping someone can help me here

  10. hi guys - Within my Megadrive (Genesis) set for some reason most of my games load with Streets of Rage 2 as my overlay / Bezel. Its driving me mad!.

    Every time i load a game, i open retroarch and goto overlays, and it says under "Overlay Preset" "Streets of rage 2"!... I have 800 Megadrive roms, I have ALL of the overlays but for some reason it is insisting on showing this one most times. I dont want to have to go through every single game and change to the right one.  I DOnt quite get why it isnt doing it EVERY time though. I would say its just over 50% of the time.. So pretty much most of the time.

    There must be a Path i can set where it looks in the overlay folder for a file with the same name as the Rom. Ive no idea where that is.

    I just want for megadrive overlays for it to look in my Overlays/Megadrive folder and match with the rom name, and thats it..

    Please help! :)



  11. Hi guys. So in my cabinet bigbox is locked down and doesnt show the game details screen. Ive noticed the Favorites Star icon at the beginning of the A-Z bar at the bottom. What is the short cut key to add /remove games from this i assume favorites list?


  12. yeah i had thought of that, and hoped it just effected Umk3 but it effects others too... i have over 2000 and damned if i am going through all and writing a new ini for each.. wow.. could you imagine... 

    I have been trying to find a middle ground but thats impossible.. my test games are SSF2T, Killer instinct, and UMK3... its impossible to get all 3 where they are kind of acceptable... SF and Ki work well together but when i up the brightness etc to cater for UMK the other 2 look ridiculously bright.. 

    Is there any kind of HLSL which really is a middle ground?.. i was wondering if its due to Keymasks making things dull within HLSL... or should i try GLSL?.. ive no idea.. so frustrating


  13. haha thanks for your eloquent reply :) - much appreciated.

    Now, if i can wrack yours or any in the audiences brains one last time.... What do you guys do when you apply HLSL and it darkens some games?.. I love the look, curved screen etc, however i pop SS2T on and its just about ok, Ken is abit bright white, it SHOULD be turned down a tad however when i pop on Ultimate MK3 its dark.. and so are many other games... What the hell do i do to make sure all games are the right brightness / contrast / gamma (or whatever it is).. nightmare

  14. hi Guys - I have a vertical.ini, a mame.ini,  and a Horizont.ini....  I created Vertical, and Horizonal ini files to add the small line of using a generic bezel for when either orientation game is loaded AND has no bezel.. however, i can just put this artwork line into the Mame.ini file as if the game isnt a vertical game it must be a horizonal, and therefore just read the Mame.ini instead - leaving no need for Horizont.ini

    Or am i missing something here?

  15. Just thought of a reason why this may not be a good solution.... IT is good to save scores on Ki - if this resets each time to a save state then all progress would be lost.. So it would be a toss up whether you want to save high scores OR always be greeted with the intro music.. hmm


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