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  1. Sorry Jase - the Mrs just gave birth been a bit preoccupied.. Will work on this as soon as i get a sec and report back thanks alot!
  2. Neil - you are a top man, worked a treat, nice one! Someone get this man a beer
  3. Apologies for the camera to screen picture but i think you are on to something here. the only system with a problem has 3 entries... The normal NES, then NES.Backup, then NES.Missing.Serial Should i delete Backup and MSerial?
  4. hmm im not sure - Just putting the kids to bed, will take a look later and report back
  5. Sorry when i say "Fucked off" i mean with me - not with you guys, you lot are sound dont worry
  6. Yes it does Neil however as stated i cannot even access the Temp folder in order to delete the file. It says it is corrupted and wont let me in. Im sure i did a reboot but still wasnt allowed entry. When you say install 11.5 over the top i cannot even open Launchbox to go into the updater. Ill try goto the site and dload the package and try to over write it. Best not delete all my settings or i will be well fucked off
  7. All other platforms seem fine, never had this before but ive sorted out my NES library a number of times now, First couple of times i thought i mustve been going mad and didnt do it. Essentially I have been in Launchbox > NES and doing a general overhaul which includes deleting some games (Right click > Delete) or Editing other Games because their Rom path is wrong. Every time i do an amendment i test and load the game and its all good. Its not until i restart Launch box, or reboot my system that it all goes back to the way it was... It is like there is some kind of Read Only a
  8. Sorry you say you cant get 11.4 to load either? Are you getting my error message too?.. can you even access the Temp folder im talking about?
  9. Funny, i found 11.3 a disaster. bigbox would crash on exit on most vertical games - All Cave / Donkey kong etc. Would crash right out to desktop, no error, nothing. Thank god 11.4 fixed it
  10. Fallen to page 2 - has anyone taken a look and can offer some advice on this please, thanks (Paid bigbox user)
  11. guys do the actions and fixes in this thread only apply to Launch box? What about when in bigbox mode?
  12. floodie

    Steam in Bigbox

    nice one, youre a good lad Neil cheers
  13. I had the every so often error of my files have been corrupt please use an old Zip from the Backup folder. Unpacked the last one into the Data folder which usually works. Now i get this message attached. This Temp folder that it refers too wont even allow me to access, OR delete it even after a reboot. Cheers
  14. floodie

    Steam in Bigbox

    ok Neil thanks - And theres no way around that? - Even if i moved the whole game to another location? Anything bought on Steam always needs steam open in the background to play? I assume for DRM
  15. floodie

    Steam in Bigbox

    Cheers Cbeats... Found where they are in my Steam Common folder. May just set them up to run individually from there
  16. floodie

    Steam in Bigbox

    hi guys - Just imported my steam library inot Launchbox. Is it possible to not need to be connected to the net when wanting to play steam games from bigbox mode (my arcade is off grid). And secondly, i realise the games are purchased and distributed via steam, but once downloaded is there a way to play them without having to load up steam or have it running in the back ground? Cheers
  17. Hi GUys - having a problem configuring jconfig to accept button presses on my arcade panel (that is connected via ipac). The only way is to select the "getasynckeystate" option, but this has a predefined keyboard set of inputs - for instance WASD for up down left right, where as my ipac is the directional arrows. i was thinking of writing an AHK script changing say W to UP, can i load in Launch box and it adds this script for this game ONLY?.... So i want launch box to start the SFV application, but also start JCONFIG, and ALSO start the AHK script too? is all this possible?.. Have i even mad
  18. hi HeadRush - So i i have demulshooter working, and ALMOST have Virtua Cop perfect. it is reading my Xbox pads, has cursors on screen all works well.. Apart from one thing... Even after calibrating the "guns" in Virtua Cops test menu it seems as though there is an elastic band attached to the bottom right of the screen. you can move the cross hair around fine with the analogue stick of the xbox pad however when you let go it flies back to the bottom right and doesnt stay naturally where it was. Its SO close but this makes it a deal breaker. Im sure it looks like its a gun calibration iss
  19. thanks headrush!! Crikey never head of Demulshooter before!! perfect will check it out, thanks very much
  20. Update: Just need assistance on virtua cop and HOTD with xbox pad please. Fixed the other odd issue. For those that dont know, you need to untick Analogue Brake and Accelerate, leave Analogue Axis-X for steering.. However change "UP" to be your accelerate button, and "Down" to be brake.. All works fine then. thanks
  21. Hi guys - I am trying to set up Sega Model 2 for my cab. Some games which dont require analogue im using my control panel (Dead or alive etc) - but for the majority like Daytona etc i want to use my Xbox pad. When starting the game, configuring controls it actually seems insane and does nothing like it should. I tick analogue X and Y axis.. Even though i would like Triggers for acc and brake but thats another matter. When i seem to have things set up i go into the game and it just wont accelerate, or just violently brake.. Its nuts.. If anyone can offer some advice that would be great.. T
  22. Thanks Retro, i thought the same. All i did was add the playlists that were found within say the "Arcade" category, seems to do most i could
  23. Hi. My bigbox starts in unified and has arcade, and all 40 odd platforms listed in the wheel. However. I switched to "platform categories" and i like the "consoles" wheel.and its associated video. Is it possible to plop this "consoles" into my main "platform" wheel? Tried messing around in launchbox and cant see how
  24. hi guys - probably a simple one here, since adding a 3+4 player wheel every time i start bigbox it starts with that wheel. I want it back the way it was on "Arcade classics" and the nice music that plays along with that wheel. Probably a tick box somewhere ive unticked thanks
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