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  1. So here's my setup. I've got a a PC in my living room with mediocre specs that I run Launchbox & Bigbox on for retro games and a few light weight local Windows games. I've recently upgraded my main PC in my office and it should now be able to host games on Geforce Experience or something for remote play. My question is... Is there a way to get those games to appear in Launchbox in my living room? Or will I need to open Moonlight in the living room to access the games on the office PC? Feel free to let me know if I'm way off base as well.
  2. Following this thread because I'd like to do this same basic thing for each platform.
  3. I would love to see @SentaiBrad, @ETAPRIME, or @Crush create a tutorial video for setting this up. I love the look you've come up with. Edit: added Prime since his tutorial videos always rock.
  4. OK must be something on my end. thanks for testing
  5. Oh that's interesting. What version of PCSX2 are you using? Here's how I'm replicating the issue: Load GTA directly within PCSX2 Get in game and create a save state (F1) Cleanly exit PCSX2 Load GTA from within Launchbox Press F3 to load save state That should work so then I... Press F1 to create a new save state in slot 0 Use Launchbox key combo to kill active window (Select+Start for me) Load GTA from within Launchbox Press F3 to load save state This is where I'm getting the slot 0 error.
  6. OK I figured out more details... It appears that the controller automation of close active window is corrupting the current save slot in PCSX2. The save and load function perfectly if I use the escape key on the keyboard. Should this be logged as an issue with Launchbox or is it more of a PCSX2 problem?
  7. I'm having an issue with save states in PCSX2 only when I start the game from Launchbox. If I load the game from within PCSX2, F1 saves and F3 will be able to load that save. If I start the game from within Launchbox, F1 shows that it's saving but F3 just keeps saying save slot 0 empty and I have to use shift-F3 to load the last save state I took when I loaded it directly in PCSX2. Details: PCSX2 V1.5.0 Launchbox 7.7 Loading GTA San Andreas Windows 10 pro
  8. I don't know if you're still taking suggestions in this thread but... I've been trying to pop up an image to inform users how the button layouts are for each platform. It appears that people have a couple work arounds but it would be great to get an official way to do it. I was thinking that Launchbox already monitors for key combos outside of the program for closing emulators. You could create a new combo to pop up an image for a couple seconds. If it's not possible to get this type of feature added, then maybe a simple video tutorial about how to do it using AHK? Here's a thread where it's discussed:
  9. Does the PS4 controller work over USB too? Or is it only able to do Bluetooth?
  10. I have security messages that pop up if I set them to run as administrator. So I just added them to the Windows startup folder and have them installed to my user folder so admin isn't needed. Here's how you add something to start up in Windows 10: http://tunecomp.net/add-app-to-startup/
  11. Sorry for the confusion, I'll give it another shot. I know there paths to the emulators are relative in Launchbox but do the individual emulators (ie Retroarch) have hardcoded paths that you had to adjust to make your whole installation portable?
  12. Will the emulators run or are they pointing at hard coded paths?
  13. Oh ok. TY. I thought those would just charge it. I didn't realize you could play over them as well. That's why I'm posting into the noob area.
  14. That one can also be hooked up via USB?
  15. Hello, Does anyone know of a good controller that can be connected via wired USB or Bluetooth? I'd like to have a single controller that can switch between the two connection methods.
  16. Forgive me I'm still learning... but what does AHK stand for? This is something I've been trying to do too. I was hacking up a theme to bastardize an ugly method.
  17. I've very new to Launchbox/Bigbox but this theme is awesome! Is there any way to change the Megadrive to a Genesis or would that take a complete recompile or something?
  18. jeck11

    Save states

    Just so that others can find it if this comes up in their search... These are defined in Retroarch under the Gear -> Input -> Input Hotkey Binds Then you'll want to scroll about 2/3 of the way down to "Enable hotkeys". This will set the first button you will press to get a hotkey to work (ie most people use "select"). Then you can set the various actions to the other button you want as part of the combo. For example, save state = right shoulder button will make the combo select + right shoulder.
  19. jeck11

    Save states

    Ok thank you very much. I'll have to look through the RA options a bit more then.
  20. jeck11

    Save states

    Hello, I'm sure this is a stupid question but I've watched a few setup videos and been searching and can't find the answer. How do I configure save state and load state in Launchbox? I'm primarily using Retroarch but don't know if that matters.
  21. jeck11

    Starting from scratch

    Thank you @SentaiBrad - Not sure how those platform files survived the delete but I just manually deleted them and it worked. Thanks!
  22. Hello everyone, I've been playing around with the Launchbox software for a month or so and decided to jump in today and purchase premium. I cleaned up my roms and have very limited space on the target pc so I wanted to start from scratch. I was seeing that I needed to delete the Launchbox.xml file but couldn't find that so I figured I'd just delete the whole folder. I did the reinstall and it's still has my platforms and gamelists so I must have missed the file. What do I need to do to start from scratch? PC setup: Win10 Launchbox 7.7 installed to C:\Users\<user>\LaunchBox roms and emulators on a different drive
  23. jeck11

    Launchbox Portability

    Not turned off at all. I really appreciated Neil helping out. He was correct that I should have been more clear in my original question. Thanks everyone for the additional information. I'm currently trying to work through other alternative excuses for getting .net and directx on my work PC.
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