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  1. I'm trying to convert a few .png files to .ico files. When I did an google search all I seemed to find was online conversions that also require you to download additional software. Anyone have an app they would recommend? Thanks.
  2. I'm using Unified Refried's Theme and once I select the Platform in Big Box, my game selection screen is a vertical wheel. I have some of the clear icons but I'm missing some of them. I don't see any of the icon's in the Theme folders. I'll try refreshing the Images within BigBox and see if that does it.
  3. On a Big Box Theme, I'm missing some Clear Logos on a vertical wheel. I'm assuming they are in a theme folder and if so, where are they located?
  4. JonathanEngr - if you decide to move on from your Wells Gardner, let me know. I’ve got a cabinet just for Mame and would love to have the multi-sync monitor.
  5. In my Mame collection (and as a byproduct AAE) I don't have any flyers as artwork for Lunar Battle and Vortex. Has anyone created any covers/flyers/boxes for either of these games? I've searched on this forum as well as google and can't seem to find anything. Thanks!
  6. First off, really enjoy your work with these bezels. When do you expect to release the Arcade Retroarch Pack? Thanks!
  7. I know this is a little old but first off...thanks for posting this. I'm going to play around with this over the next couple of days with my flight stick. Any other suggestions you might have since you have had this in play? Thanks again.
  8. Clean version of LB did the trick. Thanks again for your help.
  9. Jason - appreciate the help! I deleted both the VLC and the CefSharp folder. Same problem. BigBox won't launch until I manually delete the two 7-Zip console files. Once that happens it starts right up. Should I try a fresh version of LaunchBox? If so, what is the best way to do that? Thanks again.
  10. LaunchBox will start up fine. When I select BigBox nothing seems to happen. I stopped keeping track of the time after 30 minutes. I went into my task manager to see what was going on. Strangely enough I found four background version of 7-Zip Console all running at the same time. Once I closed out all four of them then BigBox started. The odd thing about this...I don't have WinZip installed on my computer. I did a bunch of searching and couldn't find much about this. I did try a search on my computer for the 7Z.exe file and found two versions of it in my Nvidia folders. Took the bull by the horns and deleted both of those. I tried installing WinZip and the formally uninstalling it. After a fresh re-boot, no WinZip on the computer, The image above is what I found again. Very strange. Anyone seen anything like this?
  11. I've got close to 40,000 items in my setup so I understand it could take awhile to shut down. I'll try waiting for up to five minutes after a re-start and see how it goes. Thanks!
  12. I'm on the current Beta version of LaunchBox which is what I typically use. The last couple of beta versions I've notice a couple of things. First, I typically close out using the X or close button on the window. When I've done that or when I exit the application a remainder of the application is running in the background. I've got to ctrl+alt+del to pull up the task manager to close out the background application. Second, I don't normally use Big Box but when I tried to open it yesterday and today, nothing happens. What I mean by that is, it closes out LaunchBox but then it never opens Big Box. When I go into the task manager I don't see anything for Big Box (If there even would be) and the background app for LaunchBox is still there. I've restarted my computer several times. Any other suggestions? Thanks!
  13. Lou Silver - thank you very much for the images. Just what I was looking for. Your Starter Kit is great. I haven't used it yet but appreciate making this stuff "Idiot proof". Thanks for sharing this material!
  14. Nosh - I really like your theme and have been using it for several months. Is there an easy way to change the color of the bars/fonts to come up with other color combinations? Thank you again!
  15. Namedos


    Where are the Notes for each game stored? I tried searching but there are over 20 pages with the term "notes". Thanks.
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