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  1. @Jason CarrHi Jason, apologies to keep messaging about this one, doesn't seem like a popular fix that is wanted by many people. Love the release date/year view, but very use to the email type view of newest content first.
  2. This is phenomenal Question, I can't get the illustrations to show, they do just go into Launchbox/Images/System/Fanart Background ? thanks
  3. @Jason Carr Hi Jason, is this one still on list to be fixed, thanks
  4. @shadowfireBeautiful theme, simple and clean and lost of room for Background and Screenshot art to shine Is there a way to change the thickness and fill of the selection brush and hover background brush? To have just a thin rectangle line around selected box art? thanks
  5. @kpop I have had this error before when adding Windows and TurboGrafx Platforms. For me it was games that had special characters that were causing the errors, I had to either remove those games or rename them without the special characters.
  6. @Jason CarrHi Jason, I use the keyboard shortcut Control + F a lot in launchbox to search for games. Could this be made to clear the previous search when pressed as well? So the mouse wouldn't need to be used to clear? thanks
  7. @Jason Carr Hi Jason, sorry I am sure this has been mentioned in other posts. Would it be possible to add a Launchbox View for Release Date descending? It can take a while to scroll to the bottom of my big games lists (Arcade), (Steam/Windows) list etc..
  8. Hi @slipsystem , put through a donation to your beer fund 😃. If you do get a chance, I am having the same issue as @bsweet0us above, mainly with the Windows section not picking up on changes made to the Windows.xml, cheers.
  9. @neil9000Thanks Neil for update. Windows voice recognition is a bit of a turkey yeah, even so I would vote for its re-inclusion. When the commands work it is fantastic due just to the sheer volume of the software, games, movies, apps I have in launchbox, thanks.
  10. @Jason CarrHi Jason, Couple of questions re voice controls. Is it possible to add an option for the user to create a shortcut key to start listening?, (instead of saying launchbox, computer) etc.. And an option to tweak the confidence level required for commands?, 79 is proving difficult with my accent, thanks
  11. My pleasure @slipsystem, this addon is the center piece of my Kodi setup, looks great using Rapier Skin for Kodi 18, and the trailers open quickly :). @FFiend CluBB I managed to get the trailers loading automatically using Kodi 17 and Titan Skin (displaying in a small window, panel details view). It worked great with slow scrolling, but would stop loading trailers if you scrolled too quickly through games.
  12. Hi Slipsystem, awesome addon, Using on Windows 10, all emulators are working perfectly for me. I am get an error when opening the Windows platform though. kodi.log Emulators.xml Platforms.xml
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