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  1. There is just zero interest in having the system emulated, as even its best games would most charitably be described as either "an alright waste of ten minutes" to "not entirely terrible". This is the same reason there still haven't been an Everdrive-like device for the system. My biggest disappointments with Phoenix Project is still not being able to run Iron Soldier 1 or 2, Hover Strike, or Trevor McFur. Hell, VC ALMOST runs McFur, but the resolution is all jacked up.
  2. Thank you so much for posting this loader script! It def makes using Phoenix much more bearable. However, now that I can actually use the emulator without jumping through hoops, the whole 95% compatibility claim comes into question. Sure, a few more games launch than under Virtual Jaguar core, but just as many notable exclusives crash at the same exact spot as VJ, or refuse to work at all. Unfortunately, Jaguar emulation remains a colossal turd.
  3. I had nothing but trouble with the Mednafen PSX core. Maybe it's some quirk of my setup, but it kept randomly breaking controls all over Retroarch to the point where I had to delete retroarch.cfg and reconfigure it from scratch. To this day it's the only core that did this not once, but 4 or 5 times. Is there a good GUI utility for converting cue/bin to CHD? I used the command line converter before, but it always felt like I'm one step away from screwing something up.
  4. Up until now I've been storing my PS1 library in individual .7z files, which wasn't a problem with stand-alone ePSXe, which loaded them natively, but now that Retroarch PCSX Rearmed core isn't wrecking havoc with my setup (as it did for a while), this storage format is becoming a pain. Not only is the startup time extra long due to each file needing to be extracted, but it doesn't work with multi-disk games. It also doesn't play nice with the Display BIOS Animation option. Is there a more versatile but still compact format I can keep my files in for use with PCSX Rearmed core?
  5. For me Steem isn't playing nice with either windows 10, 16:9 aspect ratio or my dual monitor setup. I am also having trouble getting it to start with command line parameters. Also, while you are here, about my other question in this thread - is there any way to boot **SOME** ST games from a save-state?
  6. I am not sure how to answer your question. I think it depends on a game, but generally buttons to get through loader text are either Fire on the controller, left mouse button, or space bar. You might want to activate Game Focus mode (ScrollLock button) to try keyboard buttons.
  7. It seems I was finally able to get hatari core to work, but Is there a way to boot certain games from a save-state, rather than go through a lengthy bootup sequence?
  8. darkfalzx


    You are absolutely right! How did I forget about that! Thanks for reminding me!
  9. darkfalzx


    Got GX4000 games running fine in Retroarch with cap32 core, but now the problem is to get them working seamlessly with other Amstrad CPC games. The model core setting is global per platform, so I have to set it any time I switch from GX to CPC software, but isn't there something like a command line to switch it on launch? Oh, for people trying to get GX4000 running under cap32 - unzip your roms. The core has trouble with zipped roms for GX4000 in particular.
  10. If you use fmtowns driver instead of fmtownsux, Beast 1 runs perfectly under the newest MAME. No graphical corruption whatsoever, and the redbook audio is all there. This appears to be the preferred way of running that game. With the same settings Beast 2 does start, but the graphics appear to be corrupted in small but annoying ways, and only some of the audio tracks play properly. Still, I'm impressed these games run as well as they do, even if multiple emulators have to be used, as there is next to no information about them anywhere online.
  11. UNZ Still has problems running Shadow of the Beast 1. Half of the background is missing in-game. With some tweaks MESS was able to do considerably better, albeit sans the redbook audio. Unexpectedly, UNZ was able to start Beast 2, all I had to do was reduce the amount of available RAM to 2 MB, and the game just loaded right up. Unfortunately the same trick didn't work on MESS, so I guess I'll have to set up multiple emulators to run these games. Any way to get UNZ to work properly in full screen?
  12. Hi, sorry to necropost, but how compatible is the MAME/MESS FM Towns driver for you guys? I am trying to run the Shadow of the Beast 1 and 2 games on it, and the results are, well, a mess. If I try MESS: Beast 1 starts up fine, but the game screen is glitchy and flickery, and the attack collision doesn't seem to work at all. There doesn't seem to be any redbook audio. Beast 2 just freezes on a black screen. If I try MAME: Beast 1 starts up, but the graphics are entirely garbled, and everything freezes once you gain control. Beast 2 same results as with MESS -
  13. If you are getting a straight up crash, the bios image is most likely wrong. Make sure you get the exact bios images that are compatible with the Mednafen core - mpr-17933.bin and sega_101.bin, and place them in the system folder of Retroarch. This way you should at least see the emulator fire up.
  14. I have done everything you are describing, and yet this didn't work with Deep Fear and Panzer Dragoon Saga either: ( Also, I might be wrong, but doesn't Mednafen Saturn core not support save-states? In this case the only way to play these games would be to rename either the disk files or the saves...
  15. I followed the sequence, of ejecting tray and pressing the disk-swap button, then pressing the tray button again, but it appears to have failed at every stage. Opening the tray didn't send the "tray open" signal to the emulated Saturn, even though the text at the bottom said the tray is open, and the disk cycling buttons popped up the "Failed to set disk _ of _" messages no matter which disk I tried to switch to. I do like the savestate idea, but wish there was a less hack-y way of doing it.
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