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  1. If you use fmtowns driver instead of fmtownsux, Beast 1 runs perfectly under the newest MAME. No graphical corruption whatsoever, and the redbook audio is all there. This appears to be the preferred way of running that game. With the same settings Beast 2 does start, but the graphics appear to be corrupted in small but annoying ways, and only some of the audio tracks play properly. Still, I'm impressed these games run as well as they do, even if multiple emulators have to be used, as there is next to no information about them anywhere online.
  2. UNZ Still has problems running Shadow of the Beast 1. Half of the background is missing in-game. With some tweaks MESS was able to do considerably better, albeit sans the redbook audio. Unexpectedly, UNZ was able to start Beast 2, all I had to do was reduce the amount of available RAM to 2 MB, and the game just loaded right up. Unfortunately the same trick didn't work on MESS, so I guess I'll have to set up multiple emulators to run these games. Any way to get UNZ to work properly in full screen?
  3. Hi, sorry to necropost, but how compatible is the MAME/MESS FM Towns driver for you guys? I am trying to run the Shadow of the Beast 1 and 2 games on it, and the results are, well, a mess. If I try MESS: Beast 1 starts up fine, but the game screen is glitchy and flickery, and the attack collision doesn't seem to work at all. There doesn't seem to be any redbook audio. Beast 2 just freezes on a black screen. If I try MAME: Beast 1 starts up, but the graphics are entirely garbled, and everything freezes once you gain control. Beast 2 same results as with MESS - black screen: ( I would really like to get these games running for a project I'm doing. Any suggestions?
  4. If you are getting a straight up crash, the bios image is most likely wrong. Make sure you get the exact bios images that are compatible with the Mednafen core - mpr-17933.bin and sega_101.bin, and place them in the system folder of Retroarch. This way you should at least see the emulator fire up.
  5. I have done everything you are describing, and yet this didn't work with Deep Fear and Panzer Dragoon Saga either: ( Also, I might be wrong, but doesn't Mednafen Saturn core not support save-states? In this case the only way to play these games would be to rename either the disk files or the saves...
  6. I followed the sequence, of ejecting tray and pressing the disk-swap button, then pressing the tray button again, but it appears to have failed at every stage. Opening the tray didn't send the "tray open" signal to the emulated Saturn, even though the text at the bottom said the tray is open, and the disk cycling buttons popped up the "Failed to set disk _ of _" messages no matter which disk I tried to switch to. I do like the savestate idea, but wish there was a less hack-y way of doing it.
  7. Another question - did anyone get multi-disk games to work? I tried using the .M3U playlists, but the tray toggle button doesn't seem to work properly, and neither do the disk change buttons, as I keep getting "Failed to set disk x of y"
  8. Hey, did anyone find a copy of Cho Aniki that works? I have tried multiple sources and they all crap out during launch.
  9. Has anyone bothered to try this new method, and if they did, could they by any chance up the patched SSF executable somewhere please? SSF is definitely outdated at this point, and Mednofen core runs circles around it in compatibility as far as I can tell. However, it's still nice to have an alternative, especially since SSF ran full speed on my 2006 netbook. Oh, and I can finally play Deep Fear without those annoying SSF sound glitches!
  10. I second the BIOS idea, as finding the correct bios files has eliminated 99% of problems with the emulator for me. The Mednofen core has so far been outstanding aside from it being really picky about disk dump format and quality. I have only experienced very minor graphical glitching, like flickering polygons, and one instance of softlock while playing Burning Rangers (it only happened once, and the game worked fine for hours before and after)
  11. On second thought, you are absolutely correct. It only looked to me like it resets every time because I kept changing the game file names while setting everything up.
  12. It appears that this was a bios issue. I just had to find the exact bios files Mednofen requires, and not the ones I thought would work just as well. Once I swapped the correct files in, suddenly most games worked, and the ones that failed, failed in a far more graceful way via in-emulator music player screen. Wonderful to see my favorite console running again without the hoops of SSF, though I knew I will one day pay for not getting an optical media drive in my new computer (and Windows 10 doesn't want to play nice with an external drive I have - what a surprise), so I can't directly re-image my own Saturn collection. Oh, since maybe I have your attention for a sec - is it normal that every time a game starts I have to re-enter date and time on the bios screen, or is there a way to fix that? Thank you for all your responses!
  13. When I say "don't work" I mean the emulator wouldn't even fire up. I click on them and literally nothing happens.
  14. I am having a similar but even weirder issue with the Medanfen core. Some of my games work, while others do absolutely nothing when executed. In case of those, the emulator doesn't even attempt to start! I currently **don't** have a ton of games to try with the emulator, but out of the ones I have imaged 3 work and 7 don't with absolutely no visible pattern. At first it seemed that games with only one audio track didn't work, and ones with multiple tracks did, but then Dracula X worked, and that only has one audio track, alternatively Puzzle Bubble 2 and Primal Rage didn't. Then I thought maybe only Japanese games work and euro and US don't, since all the games that worked were Japanese, but then Baroque didn't work. Here are the games I tested Worked: Dracula X (J), Night Striker S (J), Initial D (J) DIDN'T work: Baroque (J), Deep Fear (E), Primal Rage (U), Astal (U), Gex (U), Nights Into Dreams (U), Puzzle Bubble 2 EX (U) I'm at my wits' end! Can someone suggest anything please?
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