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  1. Is Pack 3 available yet? I see the link on first post still has old date. Thanks Brent
  2. Loving the look with HyperspaceMadness’s Reflective Shader. I am using them for the consoles now and it's another level. I downloaded the first page pack and looked on HyperspaceMadness’s Reflective Shader forum post plus Duimons. Are yours available anywhere? as I couldn't find them. Thanks Brent
  3. Totally understandable. Only thought on it is - could it not be in a playlist like style whereby I could remove the "reference " to an entry rather than the entry itself. Or maybe I could try myself as I have just seen the MAME Scores supported field in playlists So Scratch that - I have made my own. Just MAME High scores field set to true and platform set to Arcade. Works Fine! Brent
  4. Will the MAME High Scores Supported Category be changed at all if new games appear that support High Score saving or is that as and when Launchbox gets updated. Also on the topic of the pull down category..... I do get quite a few non-mame arcade games in there Alien Invaders: Plus - Magnavox Odyssey 2 Battlezone - Atari XEGS Crystal Castles - Atari XEGS The problem is that they ARE launched by MAME but for emulating the console or computer but equally they all have the same filename as the actual arcade rom. I have removed one or two from the MAME high sc
  5. Will there be anything we need to do our end to help facilitate this? Namely deletion of any files/nvram/cfg? What would be the easiest way in ensuring all dip switches are considered default? Thanks Brent
  6. Sounds great. Would be nice to have a level playing field. And besides it's another excuse to pound some time in MAME again. Honestly, It brings a fresh reason to play games on MAME again.
  7. Mr. Retrolust Just to say how greatly your work is appreciated. I personally think your "lights out" style is of all the artwork I have trawled through, my number one choice. It doesn't detract from the gameplay yet still shows off the cab assets (where available yeah ) and the cropped toggle is bang on too. I have seen variants around with a tilted screen effect for some of the Donkey Kong and Pac-Man games - is this a Mame thing or Retroarch as I am on the Mame.exe route? And what do you think of those styles? Mainly to say thanks though Brent
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