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  1. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Dude, this theme is FIRE! I'm enjoying the heck out of it! ONE issue though that i've been breaking my head over for days before I came in here to ask. I've followed all the instructions but I can't seem to get the video marquees on the arcade to show. Everything else works perfectly fine. I've tried renaming videos, folders, everything. Reinstalled everything. Changed the back box priority to 'marquee'. I'm so stressed LOL Please help! I'm willing to make the marquee videos and share them! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE! AND THANK YOU FOR THE AWESOME THEME!!!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Did anyone ever figure this out? I still crash when starting BigBOx. Turned off overlay.... re-installed windows and drivers. Reinstalled LaunchBox... nothing :( **Also crashes when clicking on "options" in launchbox menu.
  3. Hello all! So I completed lots of work. Some on my laptop and some on my home PC. Bad news: I had some games installed on the laptop and some on the PC. When I merged the Launchbox folders from one to the other, the playlists, genres and all metadata got scrambled. When I copied the laptops LaunchBox folders over the PC's LaunchBox folders, it scrambled or removed most genres and sub-genres I had on my PC. This is what I'm trying to do: I have many PC games. Some on a laptop. Some on a PC. Example: I have games "A, B ,C, D, E, F, G & H" on the PC. On the laptop I have games "F, G, H, I, J, K, L & M". PC games were imorted to LaunchBox on PC. Laptop games imported to LaunchBox on laptop. Artwork for PC games created on PC, imported to LaunchBox on PC. Same for laptop. So now PC games are organized by genre, playlist, etc on LaunchBox on PC, with artwork, videos and all. Same on laptop. If you notice not all PC games are on laptop. Not all laptop games are on PC. Copied all laptop games to PC. Copied laptop's LaunchBox to PC. Problem is, laptop games copied to PC are shoing up on PC LaunchBox unorganized and listed with no sub-genre and no playlist. What did I do wrong?
  4. Hi.... thank you for this! I too am working constantly on creating 3D boxes for PC Games.... I will be sharing soon... For DOS games, this is GREAT! I'll use these for DOS! Thank you!
  5. Thank you all for your help! I will continue to work on this project and share my progress!!! Thank you again!!
  6. Cheers everyone! I have a gaming PC I'm designing artwork, videos, logos, boxes, etc for all the games (currently over 100 games). Some I work on my gaming laptop when away from home. I have a lot of work done on my laptop, and more on my PC. My question is......... can I merge the work that I have done on one system, into the other, without damaging anything. I hope I am explaining my self. Thank you!!! Also, I will be sharing a video of my work in progress
  7. For some reason my videos won't show... only on this theme... any thoughts??
  8. Thank you so much.... especially for the quick response! I found it
  9. I'm a noob here... where do I download this theme?
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