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  1. Yan


    Yeah...how to get the square images like you do? It looks great!!!
  2. Great! Keep us updated.
  3. Not working yet. Yeah I tried to move the video files back to the default Launchbox folders and it's not working either.
  4. I checked the 3 dll files and they are not blocked. My Launchbox folder is on my C: drive, but my videos on another drive. For instance - F:\Emulation\videos\Nintendo GameCube\F-Zero GX.mp4 In Launchbox, I changed the video folder for my platform (Nintendo GameCube) with the Manage Platforms settings to match the path just mentioned. Thanks for your help.
  5. Great looking theme! The game videos are not starting for me. I tried both VLC and WM with no success. As I understand, the game video should start after a few seconds. The platform videos works fine though. Help!
  6. Hi, total n00b here and english not my first language. FYI, I use arcade buttons (generic gamepad in windows). First question; does Controller Automation works with Generic Gamepad in Windows? If so, I want to know if I can map the same buttons in Launchbox Controller Automation than the ones mapped in my emulator. IE: I use MAME with Launchbox and in MAME, I mapped buttons 8 for [Pause] and button 9 for [Soft Reset]. In Launchbox, I activated Controller Automation and mapped button 6 for [Hold], button 8 for [Volume –] and button 9 for [Volume +]. Should I be able to adjust the volume without triggering the MAME controls? For now it doesn’t work. When I try to adjust the volume by holding button 6 and hitting 8 or 9, it pauses the game or does the reset. Thanks for your help.
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