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  1. Sorry i don't know if this is the right topic but i am trying to play Sim City 2000 on FS-UAE and it keeps telling me that "Could not find the Workbench file". I don't know what to do, I am really desperate at this point 😅
  2. Hi there! I am using retroarch for emulating the Nintendo DS with Desmume core, the problem is that when i try to use the analog for the stick the control seems inverted. Like moving the analog Up and Down move the cursor from right to left, and moving the analog Left and Right move the cursor up and down. this problem come only with desmume core (as I tried with N64 emulation and everything goes well). I need some help 😅. Thanks for the answer.
  3. Ok I managed to do everything and now it's WORKING. Thanks for your patience and your advice <3
  4. Ok thank you and sorry for the inconvenience I will try to do everything and i will post something in case has gone wrong
  5. Ok my bad so now i have to reinstall the game or can i just change the .conf file?
  6. This is the one in the LB folder
  7. The one in the LB folder or the other one in L: directory?
  8. I've done all of this and i'm getting this screen (The "DAGGER" is in lowercase):
  9. Ok i added Daggerfall to LB and i've done the thing in the mounting tab. Now when i open it in DOSBox says that cannot recognise the cd in the D: directory. For now i will wait until you come home and see.
  10. Thank you I managed to install the game but did not understand the last step of the explanation in which to explain how to add the game to LB and how to set the cd.
  11. Hi everyone i need help for DOSBox settings. I want to install The Elder Scrolls Daggerfall but seems I need more space to install it. I Have already done the -freesize method but it doesn't work i'm so sad about this. I'm running it on Win 10 and I have downloaded the Bethesda version on their site. Thank to everyone that can do anything about this.
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