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  1. I tried running megaduck games in MAME before loading them into LB. Attached is the verbose result. It hangs on initializing and then just freezes and quits. verbose.txt
  2. So I have Windows 3.1 running in DOSBOX in Launchbox along with my other DOS/ScummVM games and I got a MAC game working (Math Blaster/Troggle Boggle) and I'm now trying to get Wishbone working. It keeps asking for a disk and I have no way to point it at my F:/ drive which is the Daemon Tools. My DOS C:/ drive is in Launchbox so I can't go up the tree to where my F:/ is
  3. I actually fixed by ignoring the quick menu and changed the retroarch input in the other input menu. I switched the axis for moving with analog to the opposite and now everything works
  4. So basically like title says I go into a game and either my wired PS3 controller is not recognized and I have to quit or I get in hit F1 go to quick menu control input and can't change a single button. Well actually by freak occurrence it let me change my select button to "5" or "3" whatever that means. Is there a glossary of which number is what button so I could make a remap manually plug it in and have retroarch do it's thing.
  5. So I've used retroarch with a ps3 controller and got tired of scrolling through the cores and menus to get to games. I want to use Launchbox as a 1-click solution, but everytime I click play in Launchbox it says Retroarch has stopped working and error window freezes. My cores match in associated platforms and Retroarch loads find outside of Launchbox
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