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  1. Looks like that was my problem. Thanks for the assist!
  2. Ohhhhhh, let me try that one. Thanks! I'll let you know how that goes.
  3. I believe so. I did setup my emumovies login when I started the import. I recently got a new computer so this is the first time I've setup Launchbox on this one but I know previously I had it working without a hitch.
  4. I love this theme but I can't get it to work properly. I finally can see all the playlists now (capcom classics, cps etc) but no videos or anything are playing for any of the playlists. Is there a setting that I'm missing or did i set something up incorrectly? This is a fresh install that I just did last night with the latest version of Launchbox/BigBox.
  5. Hey guys - it's me again with another stupid question I'm sure. After watching Jason and Wood and Brad's videos I finally upgraded to a lifetime Premium account. I'm really loving Launchbox and Big Box makes it just that much better. So my question - I'm loving the custom big box themes that are available. I've downloaded a handful of them (most per Woods' recommendation) but i can't seem to get any of the background images to show. I can get the fanart or clear logos but for ones like CityHunter that have all those great videos or Minimal AO has a whole folder of backgrounds that I h
  6. Good to know. I didn't even see that 3rd 'l'. maybe i need to get my eyes checked again. This getting old thing isn't working for me
  7. Well.....this is really embarrassing. In getting screenshots, i found that there was an extra 'l' in dll . Guess that's what I get for copying/pasting instead of typing it out myself. Thanks for the helping me open my eyes to a typo! Chalk this up to user inability to copy and paste correctly
  8. I am actually. I can launch every except PS1 from LB and BB. I believe i am launching the cue file from LB. I know when i Imported I went to: Tools, Import, Rom Files, Add Files, selected the cue file, Sony Playstation as the Platform, Retroarch as the Emulator, Use Files in their current location, both checks for meta, select all, next, select all, next (for parsing emumovies), and then next all the way through. For the custom options i've tried both checking and unchecking Use Folder names instead of ROM files names and then Finish. It goes through the motions, shows me the art
  9. Hi all, I've been scouring the internet and watched Brad's tutorial on getting PS1 to work with Retroarch. I have everything I need as far as cue files, bin files, and bios files in the correct locations, but when I launch the game from LaunchBox or BigBox, nothing happens. However, if i scroll to "open RetroArch" and arrow over to History and hit the game i just tried from BigBox or LaunchBox, it fires up without any issues at all. Anyone that can shed some light on this? I think it might be in my history because i dragged the cue file into RetroArch to see if it would run and when i
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