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  1. ok, seems to be working now. I deleted both the mame ini files and then copied it back into the root folder. Seems to be working now. Thanks
  2. Hmm, now launching from within launchbox it says I have the rom files missing? Launching from within mameui64 is fine
  3. Hopefully this is the right place to post this. using Mameui64 version 0.202. Games run fine from within launchbox, but selecting "TAB" to bring up the internal menu in Mame the "Cheat" option is not available. However, running Mameui64 direct, I can see the "cheat" option from the intenal "TAB" menu. Any ideas?
  4. Hi, Have a quick question on this. As launchbox is installed already, can this data be imported to my current launchbox install, or is it best to have two launchbox installs, with one just for this collection? Thanks EDIT Just found this
  5. dita

    MSX emulation help

    Doh, Never mind sorted it. Just in case anyone else needs the info/does my mistake. The machines folder needs to be in the same directory as specified by the "system/Bios" configuration in retroarch. I`d created a new folder "bios" so they need to be in there.
  6. dita

    MSX emulation help

    Hi all, Trying to get bluemsx to work in retroarch. I`ve following the video guide, and have the core correctly selected, and a folder in "retroarch\system" named "machines", This folder has 200 folders of various variations of MSX machines. One folder is called "shared roms" which have 63 rom/bios files in. So I thought i'd got this sorted, but no games appear to work. Any suggestions?
  7. @SwitchKat I`m no expert, but I believe the advance mame uses the romset from 0.106, refer to here https://retropie.org.uk/docs/MAME/ and here http://www.advancemame.it/download Could it be its an old romset used on the retropie, but now you're trying to use it on a newer version of mame i.e. one using a 0.186 romset. I guess the there are a lot of difference between the two.
  8. I`ve just got this error "unknown error: cannot find Chrome binary", I don't use chrome but I`ve got firefox installed as my default browser. I thought firefox was ok? Any suggestions?
  9. @kerszr that is a good idea. Whilst checking the submitted items, I sometime find some additional information/images/videos which I then would like to add to the newly submitted item.
  10. Thanks, it appeals to my OCD but I`m never going to see/use 99% of them! So I think you`re probably right, What about the Tosec sets? would you say that creates a similar problem to that of the Goodsets?
  11. Hope someone can help on this one, but I suppose its not really a big issue (yet), just curious on how it is handled. I have a full "Goodsms" rom set. Each file is a 7z zip file, but each one of those can hold various roms. For example, Enduro racer has 4 files contained within it. The (J) , the good (!) and two others, (b1) and (T+Ba). If I right click on the game entry in launch box, I just get the option to play. Game then launches, using the setup in retroarch. Should I have the option to play any of these 4 roms? or it that something handled at the emulator stage? I vaguely r
  12. Ok, thanks for the input. I must admit that o forgot that another 2 people are also going to look at this, and it's not just my decision. I assume it's a case of remembering to go back and delete the duplicate entry, assuming the other moderators agree.
  13. A question regarding moderation. Obviously, never done this before so forgive the possible noob question. But got to start somewhere! I have an entry as a "new game" which then asks to check if it exists in the list below, which it does. However, the existing one has no data other that the title, whereas the newly submitted entry has lots of information added. Is my only option to reject is as "game already exists" even though the new entry has more information and images attached to it? Thanks
  14. I`ve looked through this document https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wB80CH3zecXccfQ4Et8NxYa-G1bQuo7eo1YHvkYQ728/edit but I still a bit unsure on the stance regarding what sources of images are allowed. I`ve uploaded some, which have got accepted, but should the images be completely my original creation. E.g. A box cover which I have personally scanned, or can I be a high quality image from a 3rd party website, obviously, as point 10(a) states, with no watermarks. I think its point 11a "Must be scanned, created or customised by a user" which has may concerned. Thanks for any clarity
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