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  1. Thank for reply. The reason that i can not upgrade version because i don't have enough money to buy license and i am very enthusiast about games so i built my own Bartop cabinet and setup BigBox 7.15 but it still miss some beautiful charms like startup and shutdown screen.
  2. Dear LB Team, i wanna know there is way to add feature startup and Shutdown screen in Launchbox version 7.15 Thanks
  3. I have AMD A4 3400 (dual core)hd graphics Gigabytes 4gb ram
  4. I have setup PCSX2 Emulator for Playstation 2 game like Tekken 5 and Tekken Tag Tournament. In start game run fine but in play mode the game run slowly and its frame rate goes down form 60 fsp to 30 fsp. I have followed every setting ,and i have followed the lunchbox tutorial about PCSX2but but result came same, My PC Specification is under: AMD A4-3700 HD Graphics Ram: 4Gb Videos: 2Gb (512 mb built In) 1Tb Hard windows 10 (64bit) i have played GTA iv (PC Game) game in this pc and run perfectly fine but in PCSX2 game FSP rate drop down rapidly.
  5. Error is simple when i launch Games through Bigbox screen goes black for a Second and come back to bigbox program. thats it.
  6. i have setup many game all game given me error except one game Name is Virtua Cop 2 Following are some game which is given me a problem i can not given u all list of game because the list is very vast. Need for speed underground 1 and 2 Neef for speed Most Wanted GTA Vice City GTA SanAdreas GTA IV Doom 3 and many other games. Games is not given me any problems only when first time launch game thourgh Bigbox game wouldn't run.
  7. Dear LaunchBox Comm. I have Setup Windows Game in BigBox & run at startup in windows 10 (64Bit). When i launch windows game through bigbox the Windows Game wouldn't run. But when i launch game without bigbox Games run perfectly fine, afterward when i open bigbox manualy and start game thorugh BigBox game run without any kind of error. Its Give me Error only on startup. Can someone tell me how can i resolve this problem it will make my day easy.
  8. My bigbox setting corrupt due to powerlose of a pc. Every time my pc powerloss during runing of Bigbox this problem apperas. Please guid me to its permanent solution
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