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  1. Few changes to the first three views.

    Simplified System Menu


    Wheel with screenshot


    Wheel with video (video crop will change in the future, when we get viewbox working correctly in BigBox)


    This has screenshot carousel (now looping 2 screenshots)



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  2. I just LOVE the new features y2guru has implemented to the Community Creator Tool (Grid, Dock, Stack). Thanks to him and those who have helped to make the tool as versatile as it currently is. Now I can finally build the views I have wanted. Pulse is going to be basically rebuild and some of the current views will not look and feel the same after I'm finished. These screenshots are taken from BigBox, so it's nice to see, that I can make the designs as I intended and don't need to make any compromises.





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  3. 27 minutes ago, Dan Patrick said:

    Dang dude! This looks sick. I like everything I'm seeing here! Excellent. One tiny suggestion would be for the 3 icons on the top right. Maybe they should only light up blue to match the theme. Also I don't love the little gradient that they have. Maybe that should change. Overall this looks awesome!  That wall view looks amazing!

    Hi Dan! I just knew you would say something about those icons :D and I did them anyways. Don't worry, I'm going to change them.

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  4. Doing some updating for Pulse. Need to make the wall views. I thought I could just use the Community Theme Creator Tool, but it seems I need to enter the matrix to build them ?‍? Better start learning the new Community Tool first and update the current views. Lot's of work there also ?

    Here's a screenshot for one of the wheels I have redesigned. First draft.


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  5. On 8/20/2021 at 10:36 PM, eb0687 said:

    How do you add a clear logo for Steam?

    I added my steam games into launchbox but it shows up as windows for some reason within bigbox

    Any advice would be appreciated. 


    You need the logo file and put that in the right folder (LaunchBox\Themes\Pulse\Images\Platforms\Clear Logo\Steam.png)

  6. On 7/17/2021 at 7:57 PM, cor094 said:

    Any idea why after updating Launchbox, my games no longer show up in "all games" in certain  views with this theme? If I cycle through views, some do show my games, but when using my preferred view, they do not show up. It only shows one game (last game alphabetically). I tried reinstalling the theme with no luck

    I have no idea. The theme is quite old, so there might be some compatibility issues with the latest launchbox versions. You could try to rebuild the theme with the latest community creator tool.

  7. 12 hours ago, KaaMoS said:

    Sorry, friend.
    I didn't see you were working on this. It looks pretty yawesome :)

    Sorry for asking, but, do you think is possible to you to share a clean (no shadow) version of this icon?
    In your theme all plaftorm logos look clear, and are well mixed with background, except for this one. Thanks in advance!


    Hi, I will clean the logos and few other things for the next update. Don't hold your breath though.

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  8. On 8/8/2021 at 6:16 PM, Styphelus said:

    I thought it was just me so I never mentioned anything. I've had several crashes with this theme as well. However my machine has 8GB of ram. It never crashed with other teams but with this one it seems a bit unstable. I even used the Theme Creator files, made same changed and exported the theme to lunchbox and I'm still experiencing some random crashes. Not sure what it is.

    Thanks for the info. Sadly I can't really do anything about it untill I know what triggers the crashes. I'm going to update the theme once the new Theme Creator tool is ready, hopefully that will resolve the issues.

  9. 5 hours ago, Xpendable said:

    I tried this theme a few days ago and it crashed my BigBox halfway through the day several days in a row.  I don't know if there is somehow a memory leak or something.  Note that I only have 4 GB of ram.  I am not on the latest beta.  Don't know the exact revision, but my BigBox says 11.8 in the bottom right corner from the menu.  I went back to my previous theme and have not suffered any crashes.

    Strange, No one else has reported any crashing problems. It's been made with the latest Community Theme Creator tool. You could try to build the theme yourself and see if it works.


  10. 20 hours ago, Doonyolyo said:

    Hey thanks for this theme, it’s exactly what I wanted and imagined a frontend should look like. 

    I only have one request. Any chance a 3DS device image could get added? The one in the folder Images>Platforms>Device. It’s the only system that seems to be missing, for me at least.

    Do you have Photoshop or Gimp? You should be able to make it yourself:


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  11. 18 hours ago, Borotes said:

    Hi, I love your theme more than anything!

    Would it be possible to create a European version of the theme where the time is displayed in 24 hour format and the SNES has a different artwork?

    I also don't see any console artwork on the GBA, is that normal?

    Greetings Borotes

    You can use this to make the changes to the theme: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/file/2115-community-theme-creator-for-bigbox/

    Here are the theme files: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/file/2525-allnightlong-community-theme-creator-tool-files/

    Theme does not include assets for all platforms. You will have to make your own, or search the forums for the missing ones.

  12. 1 hour ago, KaaMoS said:

    HJi, friend!
    First of all, many thanks for your work, I love this theme so much!

    I'd like to know, if, based on two of your game views, were possible to create other views that coud add more description and/or combined info.
    I made these mockups as a reference abotu what I'm talking about:



    MOCKUP 1:
    With description and video.
    It could use a smaller frontbox, or even a 3D animated one.

    mockup 1.png

    MOCKUP 2:
    With clear logo at the top, description and video. 
    It could also use a smaller frontbox or a 3D animated one. Gamelist is all in text.

    mockup 2.png

    I hope you could give me a hint about how I could do this.
    Thanks in advance!!

    You could do these changes with the community theme creator tool quite easily. Just download the creator files I have provided for Pulse and start experimenting with it.

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  13. 1 hour ago, Whatscheizer said:

    I wish I had something useful to point out, but I'd be pretty excited to use this theme just as it is on my setup. The progress shots look great! ?

    It's already live. Hopefully you find it usable.

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  14. Pulse

    View File

    Pulse is dark, responsive BigBox theme. No need for custom images. 125 device images and 135 cropped clear logos included. Views use: Clear logos, Videos, Fan art, Box Art, 3D Box Art and device images.

    Made with: Community Theme Creator for BigBox by y2guru

    Views included:

    • System
    • HorizontalWheel1
    • HorizontalWheel2
    • HorizontalWheel3
    • PlatformWheel1
    • PlatformWheel2
    • PlatformWheel3
    • PlatformWheel4
    • TextFiltersView
    • TextGamesView

    Wall views are coming later. Now you can use whatever you like.

    Fonts included: 

    • BarlowSemiCondensed-ExtraBold
    • BarlowSemiCondensed-Medium
    • BarlowSemiCondensed-Regular

    Barlow Semi Condensed - Google Fonts

    Remember to refresh wheel images from BigBox options!

    Special Thanks to @Dan Patrick  and @bundangdon who helped me a lot with useful feedback. Dan also provided some icons and clear logos. There were others who gave me feedback, so thank you all for your help.

    Screenshots and video preview uses videos and images made by others, including platform videos by @viking

    Not taking any requests for missing assets.

    Video Preview




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  15. Made few minor tweaking and fine tuning. I think this theme is ready to ship soon.

    Here are all the views.I think I managed to get enough variation between the views. So they feel unique.

    If someone could help me test this one more time, I would be grateful.























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  16. 2 hours ago, bundangdon said:

    That newly updated text filters view looks really nice! I'd give a little more room for the fanart and other artwork, with a little less room for the games list, but that's probably just me :)

    I think you maybe right. I might scale down the width. Trying to keep the view in balance, so the menu can't be too small or it looks separate afterthought. I'm trying to keep the menu width the same between views, so it would look consistent when view changes.

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  17. 11 hours ago, Whatscheizer said:

    Well if you're after opinions I'm a bit torn. I do like the fan art backgrounds, but I really did think that three column TextGamesView I quoted earlier looked pretty damn slick. I liked the box art being displayed next to the video.

    I assume you're concerned with the UI looking busy but I didn't think the TextGamesView with box art came off that way. It all seemed pretty well defined. Honestly thought it made a great use of the space available in 16:9.


    Again though, I do like the fan art backgrounds and this new view does give us that. So, like I said. I'm a bit torn on it.

    Regardless of any of that, all of the options on offer there still look great. I like the over all style for sure.

    I know the feeling being torn :) But I have made up my mind and going to drop the box art from here so you don't have to worry that anymore :D What I have learned when designing these is that you need the empty space for eyes to rest. If the views are filled with irrelevant stuff it becomes exhausting to scroll through the games. This is the mother of all BigBox views and the hardest to get right. So things can still change when I have done testing.

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