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  1. @virividiann1198 you need to use Community theme creator tool and LV-101 project files to change the video to screenshot. You can download both in the download section. Sorry for not linking them here.
  2. @Tigmex check the opacity values in the animation states.
  3. I'am going to make a dedicated 4:3 version, because the theme elements don't scale like I would want them to. Here's some screenshots. It's them same, but more balanced to 4:3 ratio.
  4. Don't worry. I'am not that touchy when it comes to my designs. Some times they work and some times they don't. I'am willing to give my theme project files to you. You could start learning to use the Community Theme Creator Tool for BigBox. With that you could tweak the fonts to suit better with your crt. The Theme is as light weight as I could make it, without lookin too flat.
  5. I'am woking on it. Hopefully it will work on your setup. Care to test a demo? I could sent you the theme files. I'am curios as how this will work on crt. The font settings may need some adjustments.
  6. Layout changes in game details view. Widened the menu to work better on 4:3 ratio also. Smoothed some of the animations.
  7. Some progress. Added few animations. Testing with 16:9 and 4:3 ratios, seems to work fine. Some elements scale badly, but that's the trait off of being responsive. Works smoothly on my i5-4570t with 8 gb ram. Trying to tacle the infamous playlist device images and logos. Hard to make them work with the same layout as the platforms. Don't want to start making a lot of custom images for those.
  8. Thanks. I'am making more views and doing a lot of testing. Hopefully I can fullfill the expectations. Primary objective is to make this theme fast, smooth and easy to customize.
  9. More views with neon background images from unsplash.com
  10. Tested on 4:3 screen and the view was too cramped. Had to make more empty space between elements and now it works great! Video must be small for this to run on my i5-4570t.
  11. Sorry for spamming here. I'am just exited right now. This must be my cleanest theme and blazing fast. Seems to scale nicely also.
  12. Regarding performance and time to make, this theme is going to be fast.
  13. Tweaked the view a little. Tested. The left image area works great most of the time. Snes and N64 box-art is troublesome.
  14. I'am sorry, but I don't have the time to make more images to these themes. I'am currently designing a new theme with zero custom images, so users can use whatever they want or can.
  15. Seems to work, I think I will make few stripe color variations based on the current platform. Genesis, bluish, Nintendo red etc.
  16. Less clutter. This is actually the same that I posted earlier, so I think I'am going to go with this one and start designing the rest of the theme.
  17. And another... now I can go to sleep.
  18. Another one. I think I'am getting closer.
  19. Thanks! You mean I should talk in a video while designing? Or I should explain how my themes work? Sounds like a lot of work Sorry, but I ain't good at speaking english and also I'am trying to design themes that don't need any explaining, maybe some day I will succeed.
  20. I'am just throwing my ideas here. Trying to find the right look and feel and keeping this as simple as possible.
  21. I think there is some transparency in the video. Can you take a screenshot for me?
  22. Hi, Decided to make a new faster and lighter theme. Just tried LV-101 with my "new" retro machine with i5-4570T cpu and the experience was horrible. My goal is to make fast and smooth theme for older machines. Also I'am trying to design new layouts that look fresh compared to my other themes (which is hard).
  23. Do you use the view with the background video? Does this problem occur with both platform views? Have you tried disabling the transition animations from bigbox options?
  24. Thanks, Did you remember to refresh the images from options? If so, then either you have used the wrong folder or the file name is wrong. Double check. Also check the image format! I have used png. There seems to be always some lag with the themes I have used, especially in view transition animations. Fade animations are least laggy. I think it's because of the fullscreen videos and images in the theme, that make the trasitions lag a bit. Even on my 3700x it lags... There is little I can do about it. If I remove/ scale down the videos and images, the theme would not look the same. Hopefully Jason and his team can speed up the bigbox experience in the future.
  25. Yep, and unfortunately it isn't as easy as it sounds, because there are many elements that need to be repositioned when you remove the borders.
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