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  1. @circo @Jason Carr I was just taking another look at this with my PlayStation games and I noticed something odd. If I individually download the metadata for a game it will pull down the video and the manual from Emumovies. However if I do a bulk download of them it inconsistently works. For example, if I look at 5 games in a row that all don't have videos, then run a bulk metadata download it pulls nothing back. If I go to each game individually x it pulls the video every time without issue. Any thoughts on what is going on with that?
  2. People who don’t read a post 3 posts above should just have their posts deleted. It clutters it up for people coming here seeking actual information. You responded, said the issue, anyone saying they have the issue after should have their post cleared and be warned to read what’s already posted. Dimishing the community and LB admin/dev’s hard work, to clutter up the forum with garbage. Maybe it’s just 8pm for me, I don’t know.
  3. With EmuMovies Sync or Launch box? Have you cleared all your videos before attempting? Post your have.txt.
  4. @circo and @Jason Carr thank you both. You guys make awesome software and I am glad to put my money/time into EmuMovies and LB. Keep up the great work, hopefully we can get the fix soon.
  5. Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t the files have to be the exact same name as the rom for this to work?
  6. Sounds a lot like the issue posted here: @Jason Carr thougth it was EmuMovies side, but I am not quiet sure. @circo was looking into it, but we haven't heard back.
  7. @Grila Thank you, I have both. Your suggestion helped me understand what was wrong though. For anyone else who might end up at this post, you need to go into Big Box > Hit Escape and Go into the Menu > Options > Videos > Turn OFF Prioritize Game Theme Videos. Thanks again @Grila
  8. @circo Here are the files. missing.txt have.txt It looks like if I do under 25 it seems to work fine. So it looks like it is having an issue with the number of requests, which I don't understand as I have WAY more SNES games.
  9. @circo The official Sync tool doesn't seem to work at all for me either. It's just weird that LB will do it for a single file though with no issue.
  10. I have come to the forums to try and find an answer to this question. I am using 7.16 and I have exactly the same issue: *Playstation Games only *Can scrape videos individually *bulk scrapes will never return results. Not sure if this is just a bug, maybe someone like @Lordmonkus or @Jason Carr would know?
  11. @Grila First off, awesome, just easily one of the fastest and most clean themes. I was wondering if you could make it so the details view can have a much larger video. My son is 4 and he can't read fully yet, so he tends to look at the videos to see what he would like to play. EmuMovie videos come with a smaller view of the actual game inside the video with the characters outside the player. In any case, if they were much bigger it would be helpful, any assistance with that would be fantastic. Once again, great theme.
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