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  1. Hey all, I just found out I can stream BigBox to my android phone and use my moga controller to navigate the interface and play the games! Nvidia have an app that allows you to stream from your pc to a Shield Device with very low latency. An app on the Google Play Store called Moonlight allows regular android phones to do this as well. It also supports controllers. To do this you need an Nvidia graphics card. Download the Geforce Experience app from here: https://www.nvidia.co.uk/geforce/geforce-experience/ In the Geforce app click the settings gear icon and select shield.
  2. Thanks though, that's useful to know I'm going to disable the transition effects just like I do on Android lol.
  3. Thanks, how do I change the transition effects for launchbox? I can't find them in the options.
  4. I have launchbox at pretty much default settings so the games are sorted alphabetically. Everything was working fine for me until I deleted my arcade platform, which had like 3000 games in it. Before I did that changing platforms happened instantly, after deleting that huge platform it now takes several seconds to change platform. Is there a way I can reset launchbox? I would be happy to add all my games again if I can fix this lag! Edit: I should also add I've left launchbox to cache for like 2 days and scrolled through to make sure the images have cached.
  5. Yeah, I've got it set to 4gb right now, thanks though, sensible suggestion.
  6. I get excellent performance in BigBox, no lag or problems at all. I have massive lag when changing categories in LaunchBox though (9k games)
  7. Hi there, Launchbox has been running flawlessly for me until I deleted my arcade complete set platform to replace it with a different set. Since then it takes about 8 seconds to switch between categories. This is true even for categories with just a few games. BigBox however is running really well, I experience no lag at all there. Related info: 9934 games, No background images in launchbox options, Optimized images, Was changing categories in like 1 - 2 seconds until I deleted a massive category. Thanks in advance.
  8. This problem has now been solved. For anyone interested to set a default video simply go to launchbox and right click a platform on the left, then select edit click browse next to video path and select your video. Repeat this for all platforms and you now have a default video.
  9. Hi there, I'm sure when I first launched BigBox it had a default video background. Right now my background is black. Is there a default video I can add that will work for all platforms? Thanks
  10. That's cool, now I see the scope of launchbox along with its dosbox integration etc I can see how complicated it really is.
  11. Cool, I'm glad it's on the list. I do think it is a good thing that having no default can encourage people to contribute to the database though..
  12. Hey, I accidentally deleted my Commodore 64 platform with like 4k games in it Is there anyway I can use my Commodore 64_2017-10-22_16-04-04.xml file from the backups folder to restore it? Would really appreciate your help! Thanks!
  13. Hi, Is there a way to specify a default image if no image is found for a game? For example say I had many ZX Spectrum games without artwork, I could chose a picture of the ZX Spectrum or its box rather than have the default cube logo. I know you can select gameplay etc to be displayed for each game as the box front but I would like a default image for games with no artwork at all. Thanks in advance.
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