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  1. For me, bezels are very important for my setups. I really wouldn't want to make systems if I wasn't able to get custom game specific bezels made for all the black border content, I despise black borders, and I despise stretching....so some sort of bezel is needed, and I always would want game specific art over a 'curtain' type solution. So I've found Launchbox with Rocket-launcher a must, and I am fine sacrificing performance for this. If Launchbox had bezel and pause functionality my need for RL would be probably be gone.
  2. I'm loving this theme and want to get my hands on it 😀 Take my money!
  3. I am looking for this functionality also. I'm not sure if it's been added since the OP, but if it was I don't see where to enable this in the settings. I think it would be a great toggle similar to the latest bigbox options for allowing control over what can be done during Lock status.
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