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  1. Of course launchbox has a great scraper for metadata/art. It misses some things, for instance when names in the database have special symbols: Alien³, Ōkami. I wish it would just use the regular alphabet. But anyway, might be faster to just import the roms and let LB download everything else? My two cents. Edit: Someone made a Launchbox to Retropie script: Maybe the person can make a Retropie to Launchbox script?
  2. Hi. For MAME movies there's progetto SNAPS. They're free, but you have to download them manually. http://www.progettosnaps.net/videosnaps/ You have to put them in C: \LaunchBox\Videos\Arcade Filename has to be the same as the rom name.
  3. There's Cover Action Pro. It can make cd cases but also bottles, books, blu-ray, magazines etc. I'm using v2.5, 3.0 is also out but I don't need all the extras. It's not 1 click though, you need some basic knowledge of Photoshop. But it's easy enough. Consists of 2 actions. Makes a template, you add your images here. 3D conversion. Examples:
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