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  1. [Update] 10.14 version arrived and installed today. The problem disappeared.
  2. Yes, I'm referring to the scripts in the "edit emulator" box, the running and the exit ones If I keep the folder nested in the thirdparty one, the script will be not executed. If I move the folder back to the launchbox root, the script will work as usual. For all the other scripts where I used the ahk program as "Additional App" in the rom/game properties is almost clear that I will need to update all the paths because this is not happened automatically. I will try to fix this with a search and replace in the XMLs.
  3. Hi there After the latest two updates, AHK scripts set in the emulator setting boxes are not working anymore (they are not executed). The first thing I thought was due to the AHK folder movement to the new created third-party one. Putting the folder back to the root (where it was) makes everything working again. Is there a way for checking the path where LB is looking for the AHK exe or is it hardcoded in the main app? Is it only my problem (maybe something went wrong during the update) or somebody else had the same? For the moment I solved copying the folder back
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