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    Hi Guys I got strange problem ( maybe strange for me) i am using Launchbox + retroarch + ds4windows + ps4 controler i am using lots of diferent platforms without any problems but last days i found this: i downloaded pack of arcade/mame games witch i use on retroarch witch mame 2016 core , i had no problems at all till few days ago when i downloaded full pack of roms. my problem is when i use one of my controler i dont have any problem but when i used second one its like (how to say hmmm) Right way direction button pressed or stick moved to right its only on mame
  2. hi guys i got one questiona about shaders , does anybody know about shaders like crt.geom but without crt? I mean shader just for changing geometry of corner? thanxs
  3. yes ppsspp works fine stand alone but luckily i resolve my problem, i deleted config file for psp than open retroarch , i found was some shader active so switched it off save config for psp than open content now its fine
  4. have same problem here. fev days ago everything was fine, today when i tray play i got black screen , i also copied assets to retroarch / system/ ppsspp but still black screen i alse removed psp config files from Ra and intal core again ,doesnt help as well
  5. i now it can be silly but maybe you used diferent core in retroarch now but still use gambatte in LB
  6. any chance for street fighter 2 , street fighter zero , capcom world2, art of fighting, ??? cheers.
  7. Hi i got small problem, i dont know why but fs-uae "dont see" many of my games like dune 2 or super frog. I can start them manually (chose files and put them to drives (files are in adf)) but when i press update game database they dont appear on game list . any idea why? thanks.
  8. I am Sorry i didnt know , its what i was found in internet when i was looking for resolve this same problem.
  9. Sorry to say that but at the moment is not possible make save state in WHDLoads with FS-UAE. Only games from ADF
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