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  1. Hi All - Just checking in on this again. Wondering if anyone else is still having issues with scaling when viewing the Achievement Profile in BigBox. Thanks!
  2. I installed the official release last night and am still experiencing issues with scaling in the achievement profile view in BigBox. I attached a photo of it running on my GPD Win 2. As you can see, the info under recent activity is over-sized compared to the window. Is there something I should fix manually? I don't seem to have these issues with any other function within BigBox. Thanks!
  3. I don't have it in front of me right now, but I definitely noticed with the N64 Zelda games. I'm playing on a GPD Win 2, which maxes out at 720p. However, there are no other display issues I see with BigBox, even on the small 6" screen.
  4. Loving the new achievement profile! A couple questions: 1. For games with longer titles, it looks like the “% Complete” text gets cut off in BigBox. This isn’t an issue in Launchbox 2. Is it possible to have an “Expand/Collapse” style feature for each game? You can only see the most recent achievements earned, instead of all earned for a particular game. Unless you click the link and view the website. 3. Is there a way to make all games for which you’ve earned achievements visible? Or is it limited to just the last 5 played? This may be a limitation from the retroachievements site, but figured I’d ask, as being able to see all games I’ve played would be the one key feature that’s missing, IMO All around awesome improvement. Can’t wait to see how Retro Achievements and LB/BB continue to work together in the future!
  5. Hey Guys - just curious as to if we'll see some updates to Retro Achievements in any upcoming releases. Also, any news on the notifications API? I love RetroArch, but the yellow text when you unlock achievements is still so underwhelming ha.
  6. Awesome. Any chance you have the clear logos to go with these?
  7. Probably a dumb question, but will there be platform videos coming to compliment all of the updates in theme? Amazing work! Absolutely love this theme.
  8. Does anyone know if there is a way to use different views for Platforms than for Platform Categories or Playlists in Big Box? For example, with platforms I like to use the view that does not have the silver border, since the video set looks so nice full screen. But, when viewing Platform Categories and Playlists, video sets don't yet exist, so I'm using a lot of RetroHumanoid's other work for Genre and Collection videos. I like using the view with the silver border for these, since it still gives everything a nice themed look. I'm not seeing an option in Big Box to use different views for Platform Categories/Playlists/Platforms. Am I missing something or is this just not possible? Obviously, with this theme you use different themes or views for each platform, so I'm wondering if that's possible on the levels above. Thanks!
  9. Will the videos eventually be added to the Platform Media manager within Launchbox?
  10. I'd love to have the program as well if you wouldn't mind sharing. Thanks!
  11. Hey guys - just curious as to if we'll start seeing some further Retro Achievement integration in some upcoming betas now that .Next is done?
  12. Just curious - is the further integration of RetroAchievements planned for any upcoming releases, or is this more of a long-term goal? Just trying to get an idea of timing. Really looking forward to it either way! Loving LaunchBox Next so far!
  13. I would echo this. I have my Playlists organized by release date in LaunchBox. They are not sorted correctly in LaunchBox.Next
  14. Hey all - First I have to say, I'm relatively new to the Launchbox community, and I have to say it's about the coolest thing I've discovered in gaming since I first picked up a controller! I've had such a great time getting my setup running. Thanks to Jason and everyone who contributes! I'm a huge trophy hunter on PlayStation, so I dove right into RetroAchievements as well. Love being able to go back and have a new fun reason to pick up these classic games. A few thoughts: 1. I think the implementation of a profile is the top addition to consider. Having something akin to a trophy card (see mine pictured) from PSNProfiles would be amazing. 2. Love the idea of having a "Platinum" trophy. The one thing I like more about PlayStation Trophies than Xbox Achievements is the final reward for completion. I'm not sure this can be added without permission from RetroAchievements, but a star or some way to show you've 100%-ed a game would be great. 3. Mentioned above, but a way to filter or view your games list would be fantastic - another example from PSNProfiles.com attached - in my mind, they're the gold standard for a trophy or profile format. At minimum, it would display your list of games that support achievements, the total achieved/total available achievements, total points achieved/total available points. 4. Would love to see these changes implemented in Big Box mostly. It already has an amazing Console Dashboard feel, and some of the discussed additions would only take it to the next level!
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