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  1. Jrhd13

    Add nesica

    How do you add nesica and game loader to launchbox?
  2. Jrhd13

    Steady frame rate

    Mines got refresh rate just not estimated.
  3. Jrhd13

    Steady frame rate

    Should it say N/A for estimated screen framerate
  4. Jrhd13

    Steady frame rate

    Ok thank you. Your the only name that sticks out to me on here.
  5. Jrhd13

    Steady frame rate

    Yeah I only set the vsync and hard gpu on as I read it from the perfect audio and video sync page. I'm a noob to the retro game.
  6. Jrhd13

    Steady frame rate

    Would having vsync and hard gpu sync as well as threaded video be good?
  7. Jrhd13

    Steady frame rate

    I've got an i3 4130 with 8gbddr3 ram and a gt 1030 2gb gddr5 card. What settings do I need to change to get solid 60fps in retroarch. It fluctuate's between 57-60fps. I use it for usual retro consoles and psx. I use ppsspp separate and dolphin separate as well. Any help to get a solid 60fps would be great.
  8. Jrhd13

    Graphics card

    Thanks for the quick response. And thanks for the info it's really much appreciated.
  9. Jrhd13

    Graphics card

    I've got an Xbox one for my gaming needs lol. Thanks for the info it's much appreciated. I'm happy keeping the emulation games as natural as possible. How do ati cards handle emulation?
  10. Jrhd13

    Graphics card

    I've watched alot of your tutorials and they have helped me out alot. The question I've got is what's the best GPU I've currently got an i3. What I want is to emulate PS2, N64, GameCube and Wii. Maybe mame not sure yet. I don't want to run any AAA titles. On a budget as well. But any info would be great.
  11. Cheers for the quick response. I'll have to use hdmi then lol.
  12. Hi I'm new to this and it's probably been covered but is there away to stream bigbox to the Xbox one. Any help would be great. I'm running launch box from a laptop at the moment running Windows 10.
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