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Rudy Coby: Four-legged Man


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Whilst staging old VCR tapes for a trip to the 'special' recycling center (they take hazardous household waste, electronics, etc.), I came across a tape with Rudy Coby on it. I don't have a VCR player anymore, but thanks to the Internet, I was able to watch it again. Smile It's from a couple of decades ago, but I still find it somewhat amusing. Rudy Coby (aka Labman) is/was a comic magician. Rudy Coby: Four-legged Man (about 3 minutes)
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Cadet Stimpy said
bd000 said LOL Laugh He has one more leg than me! Wink
LOL! Lemme guess... In High School they called you "Tripod". Laugh
Oh no, I was never called anything as flattering. It was more along the lines of geek and nerd. I was too early for the whole geek-a-sheek thing unfortunately. Confused Youth would have been so much easier... but I shouldn't complain, I am who I am now because of who I was then and I am where I am because of where I was then. Try say it 10 times really fast.
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