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Thanks for info, guys. I just already play with Taito x emulator few days ago. everything just fine, all games are figured. but I wonder about that loader in the video, It provided FXAA and Bicubic filtering which smooth jaggieness for 2D sprite but my loader "ArcadePC Loader 1.4 " doesn't have those function. btw If I cant find it, maybe I will looking for another FXAA injector stead. thank you Laugh
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Hi sorry for the necro, I have this loader, but unfortunatly, it's in japanese or some obscure asian language and I have trouble figuring it out. If you still didnt find it, PM me, or if you got it working, I would be glad to have some instructions!
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I did watch the video, and am in the process of adding those manually in LB. But the launcher has a lot of graphic enhancements and other stuff as well. It's not the common "Arcade PC Launcher' you find everywhere, or the newest equivalent on Sourceforge. I have messed a couple hours with it, but even with instructions, it's kind of a mess. It would be an interesting toll if it was trasnlated/ported to English though. Since that was the main question of the initial poster (where does this launcher comes from, it has a lot of settings, etc), I tought I'd answer. Regardless, thanks for your answer DOS75! I'll start with the explanations of Simple Austin, and see if it seems enough convenient!
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