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LaunchBox messed up my media files!


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As a longtime Hyperspin user, i had a pretty complete collection of assets like Box Art and videos already set up. So when i used LaunchBox for the first time, instead of re-downloading different assets, i just used the ones i already have and pointed to the correct directories.

But today i noticed that many box art pictures don't show up on Hyperspin, even though i know my collections are complete. So i searched in the media folder and i noticed that many files were renamed, without my permission. For instance, "F-Zero X (USA)" was renamed to "F-Zero X-01" or something like that.

This happened with all games that i renamed in the LaunchBox UI menu. Whenever you rename a title in the menu, like when you use the database to correct any names, any media files connected to it are renamed as well! This can be really bad for someone who has a large collection of media files connected to other frontends. Thankfully, i noticed that early enough so i only had to correct a few dozens of files.

Is this a bug? It has to be because i see nothing good coming from such a thing.

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Its not a bug there is just a big difference between how LaunchBox and HyperSpin do things. In LB images are set to have the title from the xml title and not the ROM name so it changes them I know for me it was never an issue because LB is the only way I have ever done this so for people coming over from other frontends who want to have multiple frontends this may be an issue that hasn't been considered yet.

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@Jason Carr This might be something to look into on the issue up above with LaunchBox renaming assets. I really hope the issue is not back because rocketlauncher uses a strict naming convention after the rom name to display some of the media in the Pause menus and I have been spending a considerable amount of time lately renaming media such as boxart and videos in LaunchBox after the rom name.

It would be a nice feature to add to LaunchBox to name the media after the rom name when importing media because a lot of times it adds some extra characters to the image or video file name such as _ or takes away some words that is included in the rom name.

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