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Make a custom Big Box intro?


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Was also posted in Big Box Themes forum, but I figured I could try here too

I'm somewhat computer savvy, but not enough to figure this out on my own unfortunately, so I was wondering if anyone could help me out. What I'm looking to do is replace the default Big Box splash screen and sound effect with instead a video that I render of a pseudo-startup sequence instead. I was wondering if it would be a simple matter of just telling Big Box what it had to execute to startup or if there was more to it, or if it simply was just not possible.

If the latter is the case, how do you go about replacing the Big Box splash with a custom image and sound? Thank you in advance for any feedback, it is much appreciated.

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I would say, Google is your best bet.

I would start by trying to find out how to create a batch file to open a program (BigBox) first since this is easiest.

Then find out how to create a batch file to play your video.

Finally, figure out how to combine those together maybe into one batch file working seamlessly.


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You can try something like this but I don't think your going to find something smooth like your wanting. I tested it and it works but you have to probably fine tune the timeouts (seconds) to delay actions. What I did is base it off a 30 second video and I used vlc player. Make sure you have your player to play fullscreen. Create a text doc and paste the contents below and change the extension to .bat and put it in your start up folder. One thing I noticed is that when it starts BigBox it shows the start bar, so like I said not very smooth. To explain what the script is doing. it's starting the video through VLC player, waiting 5 seconds then starting BigBox then waiting 20 seconds and killing the vlc player process. Maybe there's better ways but I just don't see it.

Don't forget to change the paths to where your video and BigBox is located. BTW. doing this you can't skip the video, it will always run on startup.


@echo off
start "vlc" "D:\videos\Intro.mp4"
timeout /t 5
start D:\LaunchBox\BigBox.exe
timeout /t 20
taskkill /f /im vlc.exe

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