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Temporary fix from the RL Forums, user Rebelone:

To do this you need to copy the code for the new platform in platforms.xml and the games in the corresponding [platform].xml into LaunchBox.xml. 

If LaunchBox crashes check for double entries.

And yes, the RL Devs are updating the plugin. Unfortunately, as always since this is a hobby, no ETAs at present. 

As a little background, RocketLauncher's LB plugin is used to looking at the file "launchbox.xml" to populate its systems and games list. In the recent LB release, LB no longer uses that file to populate its own lists (and I'm not sure but it probably doesn't update that file at all anymore, it might be useless to LB at this point). Instead, LB (I think rightly) now gives each system its own platform.xml. Copying the info that is now split into these xmls by system back into your LaunchBox.xml will allow RocketLauncher to read your systems and games list again, and it'll be necessary until RocketLauncher is programmed to look in the new locations.  

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I suspect that new installs of launchbox might not generate a "Launchbox.xml". There would be no reason for it to, so I'm guessing this is a new install? I updated LB and it never actively deleted my launchbox.xml so this might be why some people don't have one. 

I'm not totally sure how to write in xml either, but try this:

In your main launchbox directory create a text file and name it "LaunchBox.xml". (While the text file is open go to save as and type "LaunchBox.xml" just like inside the quotes.

This file will be blank, so go ahead and type:

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>

at the top.

Now, with it still open, go into launchbox/data/platforms

You'll see a bunch of xmls named after your systems

Pick one system and paste it under the above text in the text document you created.

Save that, and see if that system doesn't show up in rocketlauncher. If it does, just open up all the other platform xmls and paste the contents into your new launchbox xml.

Let me know if it helps!


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This happened to me, but everything still works fine and I'm guessing it's because of the command line stuff that launchbox sends to rocketlauncher.  I have the launchbox.xml but it's just full of my initial few systems when i first copied and pasted it.  All other systems still launch through rocketlauncher though on the default RLUI plugin that I had setup for hyperspin.

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