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Launch Launchbox or Bigbox using the xbox 360 guide(home?) button

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I wanted to launch Bigbox just by pressing the middle guide (or maybe its called home button?) button on my xbox 360.

I have autohotkey installed and I have one ahk script always running in the background anyway, so I just added this to my ahk script and now I can launch LB or BB with my xbox 360:


	Run, R:\LaunchBox\BigBox.exe


If you find this useful, cool. If you don't, that's ok too! :)


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1 hour ago, Porl Hendy said:

Will this work with xbox one new bluetooth pad? thanks

I don't know if the virtual key and scan code (vk07sc000) for the xbox one is the same or if it even has one. You can try it. I don't have one. 

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@Porl Hendy, you can put this in an .ahk script file and run it.


KeyHistory ; Display the history info in a window.

an ahk window will popup. press your xbox one guide button and then press F5 to refresh the ahk window. here is what it shows for my xbox 360 to use for its guide button:

VK  SC    Type    Up/Dn    Elapsed    Key        Window
07  000    a    d    6.66    not found 

So that means you use :  vk07sc000

See if your xbox one shows anything under VK and SC columns and substitute that in the script i posted.


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I do something similar for the xbox one controllers I have hooked up.

The following below launches a bat script that adjusts my screen resolution and launches bigbox when I press the select and start buttons on the xbox one controller at the same time.

;Xbox One Controller Start and Select Buttons

if getkeystate("joy7")
if getkeystate("joy8")

Run, C:\LaunchBox\Ian\Launch Big Box.bat, C:\LaunchBox\Ian


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