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A tool to import movies and tv show episodes into LaunchBox.

You'll need to apply for a TMDb API v3 key in order to use the application.

Trailers for movies and theme songs for tv shows can optionally be downloaded in case a YouTube Data API key is supplied.



  1. finds all the movie files in the given directory + subdirectories
  2. fetches the movie title + year based on the filename
  3. queries TMDb for the release date, synopsis, actual title and a backdrop and poster image
  4. automatically generates / fills an .xml-file in the launchbox/data/platforms folder
  5. downloads images to the 'Box - Front' and 'Fanart - Background' folders
  6. optional trailer download
  7. (all the required and optional keys are freely available)




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Pretty cool people have been requesting this forever and it has been a firm maybe someday in the future. Good to see someone making their own tools to make this happen any chance on adding api's like Comic Vine or what ever one Calibre uses to scrape for books. I would love to import my comics and books into their own instance of LB.

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It seems pretty hard to manually fetch this data, but we could use the fetched Calibre data in order to select / import the books into LaunchBox.

Calibre creates an sqlite file, which could be parsed.

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Hi there, this app looks great and is just what I was looking for, however I have a problem. The app itself seems to work fine it scans my folder finds all my movies, then downloads all the metadata and images, so far so good. However when I open launchbox or bigbox it throws a error and will not launch either program (see attached image). However when I remove the Movies .xml from the data folder launchbox and bigbox launch just fine. Any ideas what could be going on here? any help is much appreciated.


Screenshot (22).png

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