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Help with the Makaron emulator


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Blast those little miscreants! If you happen to know, are the games you are trying to load Windows CE based games? Because otherwise actually, DEmul would have to be the suggested emulator for Naomi. I don't remember the command lines off the top of my head, but if I recall @DOS76 or @lordmonkus know them and could help you out with Demul. Unless there is another reason why you prefer Makaron?

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Yea, Demul is supposed to be really great for Naomi games, and several other platforms, except for games that are Windows CE based, which I don't think Naomi is. It might be hard to find the right BIOS, but that website I linked to has tons of good info for emulators, including demul specifically. The Dreamcast section could have more info too with your issue. You will need to add Demul multiple times in LB for each platform (I don't remember why, but there was a reason), and they need to have the proper command line arguments. So for Dreamcast with Demul for example, you'd use the command "-run=dc -image=", but for Naomi I believe it is "-run=naomi -image=". You also need to have some check boxes set up properly in the edit emulator screen as well:


Like I said though, just replace the command with the one you need.

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Ok I believe Demul does run .dat files but I don't have any experience on how to do that..Do you have a full MAME set that is fairly recent?  If so you can check out my .bat file from the download section on the forum if you place the .bats in your MAME ROMs directory and run them and it will create a folder with copies of all the Naomi, Sammy Atomiswave, Hikaru, Gaelco and Cave games along with a bios folder just move the copied folders into Demul and point Demul to them in the settings and they will all work except Cave there is a bios file missing I think if I point the program to my MAME ROMs also then the Cave games run so I'm missing something and haven't bothered to track it down yet. There are a ton of posts where I have screen shots of the Demul command lines in them if you can't find them let me know and I'll post them again. 

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