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Launchbox Application inside the Lauchbox folder is different from the app on my desktop.


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Hello, I'm still a noob when it comes to using Launchbox and I've come across an issue I don't know how to fix. I've discovered that the Launchbox & BB app on my desktop aren't same as the apps in the LB folder. How do I transfer my data from the the app on my desktop to the apps within the folder? Is there a way to link these apps together so they update simultaneously? Because the LB and BB apps on my desktop are the most up to date with 194 games, while the LB and BB apps are behind with 177. Any help? 

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Just now, Charco said:

So you have two installations of LaunchBox and Big Box? I guess you could create a new desktop shortcut pointing to the most up to date installations?

No I have only one installation. It's weird. When i installed Launchbox it automatically created a shortcut. But I've been using the desktop shortcut ever since I installed the program. But the LB and BB within the folder didn't update all the way. By that I mean the number of games that I added, and how BB looks when it starts up as well as the number of games. I discovered this when I tried adding sound packs to BB. The sound packs only worked with the BB app in the folder and not the app on the desktop. It's frustrating.

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Are you sure you haven't 2 instances of LaunchBox/Bigbox, right click the desktop one and click properties and see what size it is if it is a shortcut it should be only a few kb, from the way your describing it it sounds like two separate instances of LaunchBox/Bigbox, also right click it and click on folder location to see where it is in fact installed.

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