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SMW Theme

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SMW  v1.0.0
BigBox  Theme



A Quick Note
I originally started this just as a proof of concept for myself and I wasn't planning on uploading it for the community. After it progressed a bit, I thought it was actually turning out kinda cool and some of you may like to add it to your collection. So here we are. If there's enough interest I'll add some more views to it.


Theme Description
SMW is a simple, fun theme that was created by utilizing sprite sheets from the Super Nintendo game Super Mario World. It's designed to be a basic, easy to use theme with a throwback, pixellated visual style.


Theme Notes 
* This theme is designed around a 16:9 aspect ratio. The following resolutions have been tested and are known to work as intended:

    - 1280x720
    - 1366x768
    - 1600x900
    - 1920x1080

* Includes a custom, parallax background video that I made specifically for this theme
* Custom Coin Icon for your favorited games in the list views

* A static background in also coded into the theme for those of you who wish to use this theme on lower-end hardware. You'll have to edit the code and comment out the video line AND un-comment the image line. This has to be done in the following views (code is labeled for your pleasure):
    - PlatformWheel1FiltersView.xaml
    - TextFiltersView.xaml
    - WheelGamesView.xaml
    - TextGamesView.xaml






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