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Launch Windows 10 Plex App Via LaunchBox


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This seems deceptively simple, as even apps have an exe. However, this isn't the case.

First, the reason I'm looking to launch the Windows 10 Plex APP is that it has controller support, while the browser version does not. So I downloaded the app. Took control of Windowsapps folder in Program Files, found the Plex App exe, but apparently when clicking the exe for windows apps, you get an error:

"This application can only run in the context of an app container". Which marks the end of my know-how haha. I guess it means it needs to be run through the windows store?

I'm pretty certain I'd get the same error if I imported the exe into launchbox, so is this possible? Anyone ever try and do this?


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It's confusing, I know. The plex app is downloaded from the windows store. If you download plex from the website, it installs the media server, and you can access it by the icon in the taskbar. Clicking the latter will open plex in a browser. The app opens it's own program, no broswer.

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To get it working you need the Plex.lnk file. I added by pinning it to start and then dragging it off of my start menu onto my desktop in Windows 10 then when adding it to LB you point to the same file you are importing as the emulator. I just tested and it works great. This would be the method to add any other games from the Windows Store also.


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