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How does this feature work, ever since it was implemented it never works for me. I tried added some roms to Sega Genesis, scan and tells me zero. I go and add new .ISO for gamecube and tells me zero. I restarted LB too, same results. I do use a NAS but that shouldn't matter since LB sees all my roms normally fine. I still have to manually add anything new manually by files.


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Scan for new rom by default is only looking in the Games\PlatformName inside of the LB root folder so if you didn't add your games to that location then it won't find your new games. To change the path go to Tools and select manage platforms go to your platform and edit it. Navigate to the folders tab on the form that opens up and change the games path to the path that your games are located at after that it should find your new games when you run the scan.

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I tried to add games though a data transfer cord from my phone to my PC and LB is not seeing my phone I am using a cheap Samsung Galaxy S5 because it does everything I need it to do and has 0 problems same with the cord it has 0 problems I am using the cord it came with when my mom brought it it was a free hand me down the reason I want to do this is because I don't want to scratch the 128 gig micro SD card inside of it evetime I try to get it out anyways the data transfer cord method I find is better because I am worried about basicly bricking it please someone help

thanks Funkitude

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