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Resolution messed up after certain games

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My computer runs everything through Kodi on startup. Certain games especially on the Ps1 emulator and every Steam game mess up Kodi's window resolution when exiting the game or emulator. The only way to reset it to exit Kodi and open it back up. Is there any video settings I may not have messed with to keep this from happening?





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So Zombeaver and I were talking on Discord, and we were wondering if the Windowed Fullscreen might help in this regard? It's something I use when I do use Kodi, but we're not really experts regarding Kodi as we don't use it at all in this regard.

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Sometimes if you have one application in exclusive fullscreen and then start another on top that's running at a different resolution the two don't get along. My guess is the resolution is being changed by the emulators that you're using and Kodi isn't readjusting after you exit it.

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