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My RecRoom Masters Arcade Build


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Hey everyone!

This is my sit down arcade I got from http://www.recroommasters.com/

It's still a work in progress and I've actually had for almost 2 years. It pretty much sat in the basement in pieces until I finally started to put it all together late last year. Me finding LaunchBox got me motivated :)

I like the quality of it but it is a bit overwhelming at first when trying to follow the directions and put it together, and all by myself. I opt'ed to do my own control panel, so all it came with was the top flat cover so I drilled the holes and routed the for joy sticks and trackball for the controls right into that. I'm using LED buttons but they are single colors only and not rgb. I do have LED Blinky running and plan to post a video of that here soon. I chose to not use the clear plexi glass that came with it for in front of the TV and rather ordered and had cut a tempered smoked glass. I also do not have the control panel bolted down how it came and used latches on the sides so that i can get under it if need be. I'm using a custom marquee up top and carbon fiber vinyl on the control panel.  

One thing to note is these seem to have been designed while LCD TV's where quite thick and the newer LED TV's are pretty thin, so keep that in mind. I didn't want my LED screen sitting deep in the cabinet so I built a platform about 2-3" thick to bring in out closer to the glass. I do have a 32" TV which they recommend but keep in mind you will have light coming in from the sides and or top and bottom because the back is completely open. To fix this I cut some 1/4" birch and painted it black to cover the back and it's on hinges so that I can still get back there if need be. Other then that all I added is 2 front USB ports and front speaker grilles. Future plans is I made a platform that can be bolted to the bottom to make this a stand up cabinet. Overall I'm very happy with the purchase and the overall outcome to make it my own. Now on with the pics!58e2d6054a07f_arcade5.thumb.png.025e4feb7082bae80150ff15fad48f11.png58e2d5ff777d3_arcade4.thumb.png.e19e397c3f7d07c30a7444cd88254b1e.png58e2d5fa34924_arcade3.thumb.png.5fdf6038dd5c5aa82201de3409225c88.png58e2d5f5d8f08_arcade2.thumb.png.def7fe255a8d4c677a1173d2519590e6.png58e2d5ef94e65_arcade1.thumb.png.5b42e63bc482a90528ee7c14d612c6cf.png

Small Demo of BigBox running.


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Very nice.   Sounds like you made smart adjustments as they arose.   I respect that.    I agree to not bolt down the control panel right away to make it easy to further modify it if you want.   Seeing your pics gives me an idea of what is in store when I get one.  I'm still in the "window shopping stage"  I have LaunchBox (big-box) on my PC and love it.   My question to you is how often does it get used?

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Thanks everyone!

Here is also a small demo of BigBox running.


8 hours ago, adu said:

Nice work. What theme do you use ?

Using a modified Minimal-AO theme atm.


12 hours ago, shadowdragon said:

  My question to you is how often does it get used?

Seems like I'm on it everyday constantly making adjustments. But every time I have some friends over they ask to play it. :) 


On 4/5/2017 at 2:17 PM, sparks88 said:

that is awesome. What size screen is that?

32" LED 720p

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@Sithel I googled "Rec Room Masters tempered glass" and ended up here lol. Your cabinet looks awesome. :)

The only real problem I have with my cabinet from Rec Room Masters is the plexi-glass screen; it scratches so easily and even right out of the box it wasn't very clear. Where did you order your tempered glass from?

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