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  1. I really loved this game back in the day.
  2. Whoa. very cool @binarygeek119 I took a peak at the site and I'll download load it tonight. The artwork is pretty good too so props to you.
  3. Read the blog. This is really good effort! Looks like you learned a lot along the way. Now will you be working on a V2 anytime soon? I'd love to see how that would look like.
  4. Ahh, I'm a little late to this party, but I had a similar issue last week (April 7th). To make a long story short. I also have an GTX(windforce)980TI and the newest update of the nvidia driver caused LB to Crash as described above. However, I'm running windows 10pro (64bit) not a beta. Having seen driver fails in the past, I went to the nvidia site and they updated to the newest build on April 6th (381.65). I rolled back the driver to no avail. BB still would not launch, but I was convinced it had to be the driver. I manually downloaded the driver of the previous build (378.92). I had to manually delete the existing drivers and do a clean install. I restarted my PC and Voila, BB works like a charm. Then, feeling lucky, I updated to the newest driver using nvidia's control panel and had no issues. So yeah... Try doing a clean install of the driver. Wishing you best of luck. I know how frustrating it is to have an unidentified gremlin lurking somewhere in the software. EDIT******* I do have the creators edition and not pro. The creators updated on April 6th on my PC, the same day as a the driver update. It's just a guess, but If a computer restart is not done before the update of the second program, the driver will be corrupted. I'm willing to guess that the people who are having trouble may have had the update on the same day without a restart in between as well. luckily, I think it would affect only a small percentage of users.
  5. Yup. works perfectly now. haha awesome. I got to download the Tactics mp4 before it was posted. Cool. all is well and thanks for taking the time to share this with us
  6. I just downloaded each video. The last 3 download links: Final_Fantasy_III.mp4 59.28 MB Download Final_Fantasy_IV_The_After_Years.mp4 46.16 MB Download Final_Fantasy_V.mp4 63.67 MB downloads Final Fantasy Tactics instead of the video description above. I LOVE the videos, you did a great job, but can you check the last three links please I'd love to finish off your awesome creations and add them to my LB Cheers
  7. I love the Idea of a Mario start-up video. I'd start by having a little more contrast between the coins and the background. For some reason, I find that the B in particular doesn't really stand out much. I know the feeling of not having the skills to make it look like what you want. I'm in the same boat too. What are your plans for the animation of Mario, Luigi and the blue shell (if any)?
  8. I think I understand what he is saying. Let's pretend it's our first time to download and install LB. Now we have a massage pop-up with links on how to import roms, great done. We go through the installation of roms and LB automatically downloads box covers etc.. We are still good. However, now he finds things complicated. Some games did not download the metadata and he may want it to be more intuitive to resolve which games has issues, maybe he would like it to be as simple as a "please input name of game here" on a pop up instead of going to the game and right click/edit to manually enter the title and search, then need to check off what he wants downloaded (the long list of what to download options from fan art to box covers etc.. even if the ticks are pre-configured, some would find it looks messy) then click on the download button. Maybe there are too many sorting options for someone who only has 10-50 Roms and finds the customization intimidating. I think if LB had less customization and just leave the product as a default theme, it would remove many of the buttons/options which obviously would be bad for the vast majority of people.
  9. I may be wrong, but I believe that PCSX2 uses 2 cores that can use 4 threads if the CPU supports it. Also, I just want to add that some games on PCSX2 struggles with hardware rendering where there are black vertical bars that appear meaning that software rendering is more stable to use with LB. I have a I7-6700k OC'd, so I generally have no problem with emulating ps2 games.
  10. Very nice. Sounds like you made smart adjustments as they arose. I respect that. I agree to not bolt down the control panel right away to make it easy to further modify it if you want. Seeing your pics gives me an idea of what is in store when I get one. I'm still in the "window shopping stage" I have LaunchBox (big-box) on my PC and love it. My question to you is how often does it get used?
  11. shadowdragon


    I love astronomy as well and console collecting. I've collected some sports cards (mainly NHL), stamps, and old NASA pictures (Apollo/Voyager) in the past as well. Every now and then I like playing around with open source programs just to mess around and see what's in there. I've learned how to program some simple games since a kid as my mom (of all people) enjoyed typing code for games in a commodore 64 from a book she got in the late 80's early 90's . Well, maybe she didn't like typing the code, but enjoyed playing the games . I think I still have that book somewhere...
  12. @dmjohn0x Yeah, Stardew Valley sucked me in for a hundred hours or so . I'd recommend "Hero's Never Lose" http://store.steampowered.com/app/342530 it's a retro inspired dr.Mario,Tetris with slightly altered rules. It's made by a Canadian guy part time, but love the retro feel and even has some good 8 bit streetfighter esque look to it. My wife and I have fun playing it on occasion
  13. @Grila @gustarrini@Charco For me, "Emulate the World" implies to create a new world through gaming. Isn't it a goal of gaming to try and equal a simulated world? From missle laucher in 70's, Mario in the 80's, Wing Commander in the 90's to FFXV today, We try to emulate (approach equality with) a world (fictional or not) to our own. Maybe I'm over thinking this, but that is what come to my mind when I see @RetroGaming's slogan.
  14. I've started projects and not finished them (albeit not in a community such as this). I can't speak for @vice350z, but I've often played around with new programs just to see what I can do with it for fun. I think it's a good hobby to have and to have fun with. That's how I fumbled my way around C++ an javascript in the past, and I'm sure some of us have done the same as well. At any rate, I hope that guy sporting a '70s hockey mask comes back adn gives XAML a chance. Who knows, if he'd be willing to part with the the work he's done so far (even it it is the pics), I'm sure someone in the community would pick it up and finish it while a few of us are interested in it. I'm curious to see the outcome as well. He hit a nerve with the nostalgia of playing video games in our bedrooms as kids complete with the era appropriate decorations Cheers.
  15. Oh, Good advice, I just ordered one. I would have left it on 24/7. However after I did a quick check online, the older versions of the dolphinbar can wear out teh IR lights fast. Apparently they fix the issue with the V5 firmware update. https://dolphin-emu.org/blog/2014/08/23/dolphinbar-review/
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