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Rom Path Change option


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Changing the drive letter back, making sure it's relative to begin with so drive letters don't get added in the first place, using Notepad++ or reimporting and unchecking all of the media boxes are the 4 easiest ways to quickly deal with that issue. As for the request, I am sure it's been requested many many times, and I know there is a ticket for it on the BitBucket. Click Issues/Requests at the top, and make your search. If you can find it, vote on that ticket. If it doesn't exist then you can create a ticket if you'd like. Don't forget to vote on those tickets. The ticket system is the best way to keep track of requests and bugs, as well as the poll @Jason Carr puts out before each major update.

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I'm talking about changing the drive letters back to the original ones  in Windows and not LB so if its relative it won't matter which drive its on anyway but if his drive letter changed after restoring from his failure and assigned different drives and he isn't using relative paths then changing them to the old letters in Disk Management is the fast fix.

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Ah yea that would be cool.  No idea what notepad++ is :$

Situation is just what I explained above.  Had a roms folder on my C drive had to move it to the F.  Roms are already imported into launchbox and need to just change the drive letter in launchbox.  Folders and roms and still named the same

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Okay 1st you have to download NotePad++ and install it. Then Close LB go to your LB folder and go to Data\Platforms and open all your XML files. Then in NP++ go to search in the menu bar and go to find. This will open a new form in the find text box type in your path C:\Your\Path\Here once you do that then go to count and make sure it is finding your path. If it is then click the replace tab and type in your new path then hit change in all open documents and it should overwrite the paths in all of your xml files go up to file on the menu bar and select save all. Finally close NP++ and reopen LB hopefully it is all fixed. Before you do any of this make sure that you save a copy of your Data folder for a just in case scenario.

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I know i am a pain but really struggling now

deleted all mame

imported again with correct rom path but now nothing will boot

when I click on game , screen goes black for a few seconds then drops back into rom screen, no error message nothing

I am using same romset from before and mame version only thing that's changed is path

its mame .177 romset and mame emu

any ideas ?


Thanks Again



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