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This would also be great for trimming down your romsets. I know for my arcade platform I almost always go into the playlists because those are more focused.  Going through the main platform is just too much. There becomes so much wasted space with that big of a set.  

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On 12/05/2017 at 3:44 PM, Solo187 said:

I dont know what kind of things can be accomplished with these new plugins, But a way to use actual game music formats for music instead of mp3s would be great. That way you could use your own vgm collections for the game music. Eg for c64 a sidplay plugin to be able to use HVSC. You would have music for every c64 game. Or a deli/exotic  music player plugin for the amiga. Vgm for genesis, SMS, Gamegear. NSF for nes. SPC for snes etc. There are many video game music formats & full vgm collections are quite easy to come by on the net. This way you could have music playing for pretty much all your games

I want to second Solo187's post about being able to use actual game formats for games instead of mp3s. This would make it much easier to acquire full video game soundtracks without converting files to mp3s for a ton of games. It's simply more accessible, and it's a much smaller format than mp3.

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