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Installation issue with LaunchBox-7.10-Setup


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Today when I went to run LaunchBox 7.10 nothing happened. I'm on Windows 10 (Version 1607, Build 14393.1198) The spinning hourglass symbol shows for a second and then disappears. There is no LaunchBox task in the TaskManager. The same thing happens when I try to run BigBox. I went into the updates folder and tried to reinstall into a new folder, the install gets to "Installing/Updating DirectX" and then the installation dialog disappears and nothing else happens. The new folder only contains a Metadata folder, BigBox.exe, BigBox.exe.config, LaunchBox.exe, and LanunchBox.exe.config (see screenshot). I then tried to install LaunchBox-7.10-beta-10-Setup.exe from my updates folder but the same thing happened.

I went back to the version I had before that, LaunchBox-7.10-beta-7-Setup.exe, and it installed without any issue. I then let it automatically download the latest 7.10 update (thinking maybe my version was corrupt) but the same installation issue reoccurred.

  • Rebooting didn't help
  • I'm installing to the default user directory (C:\Users\USERNAME\LaunchBox)
  • I didn't see any errors, no errors were reported in the Event Viewer
  • 7.10-beta-7 installs and works fine
  • Windows is up to date
  • Running DirectX 12

Any suggestions on what I should look for or try next?


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1 minute ago, TheM.O.MXIII said:

I accidentally deleted BigBox.exe.config thinking that would reset BigBox to default settings, and now BigBox won't boot. Can anyone give me the file I accidentally deleted specifically? That way, I won't have to reinstall the whole thing.

Just go into your Launchbox/Updates folder and re-install the newest version directly over the top of your current install.

For future reference you want Launchbox/Data/BigBoxSettings.xml.

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