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i dont know if this is the right topic but i wanted to know something


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Is it possible, yes. But...


I would argue that if your friend can afford to pay then he/she should. The guys here are worth every penny/cent/etc. 

Refunds are freely given, virtually none existent digital rights management, mods quick to respond no matter how mundane the question, last time I checked LB lone developer easy to talk to and very active. 


I think that maybe the reason no one has answered you is because the truthful answer is yes you can share but the more money this small team and single dev make the more bills can be paid, the more time he invests in bringing us new features and quite simply, a happy worker is a better worker.


If your friend is hard up, we all been there, maybe if he/she can afford to buy a years license and you then share your lifetime. At least that's something right.


By the way im just a LB consumer like you. No other connections to the guys here. And this is just my 2 cents. 



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Can you, technically? Yes.

Should you? No.

I think @jayjay summed things up pretty nicely.

You're not just buying into a piece of software with Launchbox, you're buying into a great developer that works like crazy every day to constantly update that software, and a knowledgeable and helpful community that'll do its best to help you overcome any hurdles you encounter. It's a lot of bang for your buck, in my estimation.

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Launchbox is DRM free so sharing is possible but severely frowned upon. Being DRM free makes life for the user much easier when it comes to using it on multiple PCs.

Just know that @Jason Carr is the sole developer of it and paying for it allows him to work on it full time and support his family. Because of this we get constant updates with new features quickly.

You aren't funding a large faceless corporation, you are helping the best front end and emulation community on the net. Money well spent even if your friend even just buys the one year license and upgrades later.

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