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0 byte image files crash LaunchBox/BigBox when viewed (Ram leak?)


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Well its not really a leak, LaunchBox just thinks that the system is out of ram and closes if you try to view a corrupt 0byte image, and if Bigbox tries to load a 0byte image file it will also crash.

Should make the cleanup tool also delete any 0byte files to avoid this.

Checked my folders, deleted 5 0byte files, now no crashes.


corrupt images.zip (Gameboy clear logos)

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Good to know. I wonder if this is why mine mysteriously crashes about once a day if I leave it running? With about 15000 games there is sure to be a corrupt image here and there. Can I ask how you scanned all folders with images for the zero byte files? Doing it manually, folder by folder seems daunting.

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I've found that windows search feature doesn't work properly on large folders, and sometimes will take a long time to load. If it works it works though.

Personally i used this program, it has a 30 day free trial but seems to have full features. 

You can use it to do a search for size of atmost 1 byte, then all you will get is 0 byte files show up.

3 seconds to scan 300,000 images... Its the fastest program I've ever used for this type of thing.



You will have to delete or refresh your cache to be sure the system is not trying to load the cached version of your 0byte images after cleaning.

Im unsure if the same thing happens with video or music files as all mine were fine.

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Thanks guys. Tonight I'll see if I can find any bad images and report back. My system runs OK except when I leave it run in attract for hours and hours. It eventually crashes/freezes, but its usually the Bigbox has stopped working generic Windows message giving me no clue as to what causes the crash. It might take me a while to determine if it runs better after cleaning out any bad images because it happens so infrequently (well usually once a day but you get the idea). 

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