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Any way to reset play count?


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I don't think there currently is. You could remove the platform and re-import your games and not download any images, but you'll also lose your favorites. That's currently the only way that I know of. If you'd like to request the feature be added, then click Issues/Requests at the top of the page and request the feature be added. Do a quick check to see if it's been added first, and if so please vote on that one instead, but if it hasn't then create your own and vote on that one.

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I dont want to do that as for mame I had to force it to import everything and delete what I dont want. Some of which I just deleted from LB and not delete the file as they were the parent rom of another version. The problem with letting LB decide what to import was it was only importing the 4 player version of some games and in those you cant pick your character when playing SP. I guess I'll just have to have the play count wrong.

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I dont want to risk it screwing something up over such a minor thing. If it was changing one or 2 lines I probably would try it but in mame for example there are a lot of entries.  Its not really a big deal as play count doesn't really matter, it was more just part of wanting to to wipe it to clean for use after all the configuring and tweaking is done and its ready for normal use.

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